The Portable Electric Poet


Your portable cordless electric poet
is made with maximum materials
to the highest specifications of oral hygiene

Please be certain to rinse your poet after every use
to keep your poet fresh and prevent mold

Please be certain to store your electric poet
in a cool dry place when not in use

You can tell all your friends about the way
your electric poet pleases you and helps you smile

With proper care your purchase will give you years of pleasure
and very nice teeth

Maid Wymysi

Maid Wymysi is dancing across the lake
Leaves fall in her wake
She says
“Look . . .
I know the sky is dark and the winds walk the woods
but ignore all that and listen to me”
Her dark-dark eyes seeping into my soul

The Maid Wymysi says
“I will speak comfort to you
that you might fly in a cyan sky
untroubled by clouds”
Her breath warm and complex

The Maid pirouettes and suddenly the wind is her orchestra
Her voice comes as if from a distance
“In the caves beneath the earth
and in the chambers of the hearts of men
I can dance where you would stumble”

Her face fills my eyes, I can see nothing else
She says
“I can protect you from all things wanting your blood
but you must spare me a drop every now and then . . .
After all, a girl’s got to make a living”

And you are gone

You flew East
and I went West
Reality is such a subjective place
sometimes Fantasy is Best

Fire and Rain
Fear and Pain
Fall from the Northern Skies
Past is all pretense
of lost goodbyes

I fly East
and You wonder West
Reality is such a speculative place
ofttimes Fantasy is Best

Tears and Pain
Fears caress
Lights across the Southern Skies
Lost is all pretense
of fond goodbyes

None know East
None went West
Reality is such a subjective place
sometimes Fantasy is Rest

Swirling Rain
Wind caress
Lost beneath the Southern Skies
And you are gone

i fear no creature

save love
for love is the shiniest demon
cavorting in the temple

love has the tiny teeth of time
the tsunami that takes your breath
the perfume that would be illegal
in 37 states
the subtle poise and grace
of a water dragon

and she makes the most wondrous sound
as she tells you the tales
that will steal the precious moments
from your pocket

Lady Writer

Ten thousand things
Left done and undone
The tea steams

The Lady writer is watching one of those hideous
Cat clocks
Where the tail is the pendulum
And the eyes shift back
And forth
And forth
And forth
It seemed like such a good idea at the time

The wane light of a coming day
barely wins a fight with the sheer curtains
Over the breakfast nook

She lift her instrument of self torture
She lifts the pen
Touches it to the journal . . .
The nib skips a bit
Then bites the page

The Currency of Words

And those gathered asked many questions
thinking that as he was a poet
he would surely give them comfort

He ignored them until at length
they spake
‘Tell us poet
are words not the essence of all things
known and unknown?’

Fearlessly Poetry’s Idiot
turned to face the crowd

Cheered they asked
“Are words not the means by which we may control everything?
If we know the true words
then our power is without limit.”

The smile of a ghost played across his features
His voice deep and strong said
“You seek to control what you don’t understand.
A recipe for disaster. . .”


He continued
“Words are but a poor currency
A trifling means of representing something substantial.
Show me a dollar. . .”

“These are pictures of men that no longer exist
Not real living men.
This. . .”
He pulled a dollar from one
poked two holes in it
and placed it over the face of its owner so that the bill was a mask
“This is the problem.
You no longer see the world as it is
You see the world through the paper currency of your words.”


“Better that words had never been employed
for this habit of using words
has made you all lazy.”

And he was never seen again

The new day

Kinda like the old day
but with a lot of rules
and a lot less heart

It’s not unlike you’re inventing
the inventing process

A lot like breathing
when you’ve never breathed before
Seeing when your eyes were new
Remembering what it was like
not to know

nowadays you can’t lean on structure
cause the house is on fire
Can’t settle for comfortable lies
because the rent is overdue
Can’t wait for technology to save you
cause it thrives on your addictions

reinvent yourself
Take a breath
and start a new page in the journey
of your journal