summer’s night

On this granite precipice
On this summer’s night
Under this waxing moon

The silken wind climbs the hillside
Rubs its belly across the grey-green trees
Surges and ebbs against me
Wrapping its fine velvet arms all around me

And yet it does not linger
Stretching . . .
reaching beyond me . . .
Running away
to dance with the green slade Sea

I stand
Lost in one thought
All my words are now but one word
And that word dances away
Dances as though caught in a river of trance
Running away to the Sea

I stood as a tree

Dropping . . .
Falling . . .
Somewhere below the quicksilver
surface of consciousness
Leviathans stir the oceanic waters
of the sleeping mind

The movement of their mass
ripples the tenuous film of awareness
And fragments the sea
into a mosaic of swaying reflected images

Shadow soft healing touches
on my face
Water droplets
on fresh green leaves

Gentle caresses
Velvet whispers
the breeze across the waters

I stood as a tree
on the mountain side
Seeking only
the sun’s golden glow
Drinking light
through silvered leaves
Drinking water
through a thousand hidden roots
Moving only
to dance with the Wind


Tree Grinder

Damn that demon machine
that whining grinder
and the guy who turned the infernal machine on

The high-cutting-banshee scream
The grating metal drone
Then the tree goes in
Gurrrrrrruup ump ump
Things of the Earth
are so very tasty

No bigy
Trees are after all
just random dirt fountains
that love co2 and piss oxygen

The Path and the Saint

Cluttered from disuse this pathway abides
A shadow of a pathway really
An aimless walk into a verdant oblivion
Sunlight and leaves the color of autumn
Russet stems
And shadows chance dancing

Lost with the house is the
Comfortable din of friendly noises
Dark stories of snake menace
And just the hint of new discoveries
to sweeten the sense of peril

A luminescent wraith
A marble saint among the briar vines
Hidden in mystery
His smile. . . impossible
His arms bearing up the thorns