The Portable Electric Poet


Your portable cordless electric poet
is made with maximum materials
to the highest specifications of oral hygiene

Please be certain to rinse your poet after every use
to keep your poet fresh and prevent mold

Please be certain to store your electric poet
in a cool dry place when not in use

You can tell all your friends about the way
your electric poet pleases you and helps you smile

With proper care your purchase will give you years of pleasure
and very nice teeth

Vestigial Memories

At first they’re dust covered moths
batting their brains out on the porch light you left on

They’re dandelion vapor seeds
that are wreaking havoc with the perfect symmetry
of you monocultured lawn

Bits of your Mom
Chunks of your Dad
First lover to slam the door on you
That movie that you so wanted to be true

Memories and tattoos
Maybe you had a choice before the ink dried
but now
can you chose not to participate in your own narrative?