Wolf Way

Sacred wolf
Sing over me
That I might feel the way of the World
Which I believe to good at its Heart

Sacred wolf
Sing your howling song to the
new summer moon
That I may hear the resonate bond
That holds all things in their proper place

Sing in a voice that is Hope
Hope that clings to every heartbeat
Sing in the words of power
The power of my grandfathers
Sing the spruce seed
The smoothed creel pebble
The gentle breeze

Let my eyes sparkle
As a child’s eyes sparkle
Let my voice join yours
And let the song float
In the sun’s rays
In the leaves of the sacred tree brothers

And it was as though
The whole of the world paused in that thought
And listened with me
To hear the Sacred wolf’s reply


And I was frightened as I am seldom frightened
Had the Sacred wolf heard me?


Oh please don’t let this be the end of it
Oh please tell me that you are not all dead
Oh please . . .

Soft on the moonlit zephyr
At first no louder than my pulse
The Sacred wolf song
Growing stronger across the night

Thank you God

Space ~ The One True Conquest

In the exaggerated swirls that have become my days
I watch the diamonds fading into the ebon jet of the coming night
And I wonder if those stars
Those far
far distant stars
Call out to one another
And in that calling express a desire written in blood and fire
A desire to touch and no longer be alone

I ask the Night if we are the children of that desire
If we are the flesh of stars made mobile
And filled with the desire to leave this safe place
So that through us
Those distant stars might indeed touch
And our every act of reaching
every act of touching
Every conquest
Is but a fiery echo muted in the waters of our flesh
An echo
Of the one true conquest
Of the one final frontier

How to read Burnsian – Just a note on a man who writes with far too many consonants

So we have had some time together
And this blogging thing is starting to work for me

A few thoughts on the way i am putting this work out there for your perusal and edification

I offer my work the way a mountain stream offers its water

I am an artist
i live the artist’s life

A life of living and loving
and Everyday Grind
It’s all part and parcel of the magic and logic of life
All an examination of my personal mythology

I would no more feel only one kind of emotion
than i would drink only one kind of wine

I present my works in yin/yang pairs
the helpless part of the heart in one poem and the enduring part in another

I actually study poetry and form
even though i mostly do free verse
(and let me apologize to all those who have been brave enough to read my work out loud)

I seldom put words with my photo memories because the images say so much that words will be diluted to insignificance

There seem to be themes in my work but remember
i am totally incapable of seeing them
My work is too much in my own heart. . .
i can’t be objective
But i will always be true

Mildred and Franky

Then there was that time aunt Mildred came to visit. She tries to nudge in and take the dish washing cloth from him>
Thanks, I already have a mom, and have more than enough trouble dealing with her.

{Mildred Abernathy} I don’t know where any of your plates go.

{Franky} Live a little, look through the cabinets, explore. You know me. Where would I put things.

{Mildred Abernathy} I want to wash.

{Franky} I know. Dry

{Mildred Abernathy} While we were at the DMV I noticed that you’re not an organ donor.

{Franky} How did you manage that?

{Mildred Abernathy} It says so on your license.

{Franky} And?

{Mildred Abernathy} You really should, you know. Don’t give me that look. You laugh at the strangest things . . . stop.”

{Franky} Laughing or washing?

{Mildred Abernathy} Both.

{Franky} No.

{Mildred Abernathy} You need to take this serious . . .

{Franky} Dry and talk or dry without talking

{Mildred Abernathy} You can be so . . . infuriating

The Unruly Pet

The human heart can be a really
really annoying pet
You have to water it
feed it
Take it for walks
And face it
its never really satisfied

But then again
you need the exercise
Exercise is good for your heart
And when its all asnarl
with burrs
and thorns
and bits of leaf
Looking at you with those
huge chocolate-amber puppy eyes. . .

Just remember
Its bound to keep you up all night
howling at the moon
And if it trips you up
pavement can be real unforgiving