Maid Wymysi

Maid Wymysi is dancing across the lake
Leaves fall in her wake
She says
“Look . . .
I know the sky is dark and the winds walk the woods
but ignore all that and listen to me”
Her dark-dark eyes seeping into my soul

The Maid Wymysi says
“I will speak comfort to you
that you might fly in a cyan sky
untroubled by clouds”
Her breath warm and complex

The Maid pirouettes and suddenly the wind is her orchestra
Her voice comes as if from a distance
“In the caves beneath the earth
and in the chambers of the hearts of men
I can dance where you would stumble”

Her face fills my eyes, I can see nothing else
She says
“I can protect you from all things wanting your blood
but you must spare me a drop every now and then . . .
After all, a girl’s got to make a living”

I Miss Raven

I miss Raven
Miss the way she could show me wonder
even in the heart of darkness

I miss the sheen
of her electric-black feathers

Miss the pheromones of her ebon hair
even in my deepest night

The sound of her stiletto heals
as she walked through my dark thoughts

I miis talking with Raven
about all things scientific
The magma world inside the world
The way universes are built from both pain and pleasure
The way the wind dies . . .

I miss Raven

The Muse E’ Vivatae Dóna el Riu and Her Dragon Poet ~ The Pendleton Street Studio Series

I found my muse
the Lady V
beneath an autumn-kissed
scarlet maple leaf
in the Garden of Muses and Mythical Beasts
under a pregnant moon in conjunction with Jupiter

Lithe of limb
creamy of skin
with lips impossibly beautiful
and hair. . .
how am I to describe her hair. . .
Hair the color of poetry
smelling of every young man’s fantasy

Both our reflections danced across the dark waters
as we walked by the River
She laughed and pointed
and told me all the secrets behind the secrets

She taunted me
Enticing me to dance
Her eyes fiery and bright
and feral
And terrifyingly beautiful

In a twilight
that Vincent would have painted
Under gently swaying trees
filled with that Spanish moss
I asked her
“Will you abandon me
when I’m too old to sing?”
“What a silly question.
You have always been too old.”
“Then why do you bother with me?”
“Look around, where are you?”
“In the Garden . . .”
“As well you should be.
Do you think this is some kind of accident?
You are a part of this place.
Quickly now
put your nonsense away
and write down what you see.
Nothing here is eternal
especially not me.”

Maxwell the Meta-modern Metaphysician also known as the Ticket Taker at the Door of the Studio

To the studio on the second floor the Everon come
Indistinct and all but invisible they come

Some carried in phantom coach and some on foot
Walking across the winds above the World
Traversing the Salient Salty Seas
All coming
Coming to this place
This Museum of Light and Dark

Some stand outside the door holding their tickets
Debating merits and means
Leaving without entering

Others charge in
Treading everything

Then there are the gentle others
Lingering a moment
A day
A week
Finally with timid steps
Holding hands for comfort
Touching each other for strength and support
They pass through this Threshold

Some into the places they want to go
Others into the places they need

the studio

sheets of paper
floating in a dark place
(dark to help you focus on the art
not the walls)

floating midair
two dimensional plane
sharp edged
black ink in off-white surfaces
symphonies of light and darkness
landscapes of element and contour
presented for you consideration
all of the world falling away
so that nothing is left to see

but the art

The Muse

And so Raven
(my muse)
“Get off your fat ass and write something”

No need to get personal

“It’s always personal
You think writing is easy?
The best writing comes from the deep-down place
The dark chambers of the heart
The unreachable pearly whites of human aspiration”

Easy for you to say

“No, son
It isn’t
I have to sit through entire paragraphs of crap
while you work through your issues. . .”

Why do you bother. . .?

“Because on those occasions when you nail it
When you hit the groove perfectly
Your work is pure electricity”

followed by the sound of tapping on the keyboard