I spend a lot of time
watching her watch the world
through the big picture window

She seldom ever touches her phone

Yesterday she said
“Have you ever been in love?
and heaven is reflected in his sky blue eyes.”

She sipped something acrid
“It’s like your heart is like a shooting star
cutting across a blood red twilight.
And I feel so light . . .
sensuous in falling.”

I wanted to tell her. . .

She said
no idea of rhyme or reason,
only Love.”

Silent Undertaking

I have devoted my life to the study of Silences

While it may be true that we are a speaking species
Every good playwright
Every good composer
Every good architect
knows the value of using silences
Silences that can carve a volume out of solid stone walls
Silences that can paint a room in ambers or greys

There is the cold aching of the silence between the stars

There are grey silences
The silence of the room after the other has left
The silence of a room where they will never come again

There are choking silences
when your mouth is so full of love it can’t let your heart out
When there just aren’t words enough . . .
And you would give anything to break that silence

There are warm glowing silences
When you can sit back to back and read the Sunday paper
And pass funnies . . .
Quiet laughing

There are silences
When you just look at the warm glow of her
And no words are necessary
As the presence of her fills your every sense


She pulls her cardigan closer
A warm hug made from the finest wool of Ireland
A Christmas present from the past
She hears the surf crashing on the boulders by the sea

They say she was lovely once
Dark, long hair the color of a stormy night sky
Clear, bright eyes the color of children’s laughter
A fierce beauty that commanded magics and aspects. . .
She does not move her hands
She does not soothe the waves
Nor change the clouds . . .

She watches as sea-foam horses thunder
Rumble and scream as they crash into the rocks and sand
Shaking their heads in a kind of disbelief

She was not always gentle
She was not always alone
And she danced with the gods
And god, that man could dance. . .

Where have the young men gone?
Did they crash into the rocks and shore?
New heroes being forged of water
even as the old ones are crushed?

Now she has the ocean
Now she has time
She pulls her cardigan closer

Her untamed heart thunders
As it crashes like a crazed mare
Shaking its heads in a kind of disbelief

His house was fragrant
As they burnt evenings made of straw
Warded with holly and mistletoe

She steps down to the beach
Her walking stick draws signs in the sand
She does not soothe the waves
Nor change the clouds . . .
The ocean will wash her calligraphy away at high tide
But no allotment of time will erase. . .

She cries a smile-tear while the sea-foam horses thunder
Crashing into the rocks and sand
Naked and untamed . . . Eternal

Total Super Blood Wolf Lunar eclipse January 20, 2019

Total Super Blood Wolf Lunar eclipse
January 20, 2019

The lingering memory of a January day
the sky blue as a Raven’s wing
Relentless wind, so certain of it’s destination
howling most of the day,
15mph with gusts over 25mph.

A Sunny South day
the color of Union soldiers
who died
because they never expected the South
to be so unforgivingly bitter cold

I rub my hands
Check to see if my camera is comfortable
(Christmas is truly the Season of Tripods as gifts)
Somewhere near the dawn of the Wolf Moon
the restless dragon wind settles down,
but it’s hovering in the upper 20’s

The sky
the night sky I love so much
and crisp
and sharp enough to cut you

The Super Moon closer than ever
huge at the horizon
now several hands above the rim of the World

The grass I mow
Pebble and rock Zen garden darken
Stillness grows

My lady smiles
as some darkness takes an ever encroaching bite
Time, unrelenting and unapologetic
advances the dancers

Darkness eats my Lady’s face
but does not consume her fully
Bruising her instead

Reddish-purple trauma
creeping in the wake
of the invisible assailant

I busy my hands to keep them warm
I switch to my other glasses
I try to find the snack I set out
anything to distract me from her trauma

Reddening apparent early
The umbra of the Lady’s assassin
The beautiful edge of the Moon glimmering brightly
contrasting the red as it deepens

In half of my heart
I am back in the cave
Seeing all this as the wrath of Angry Gods
A Punishment deserved by absented kings and mad knights

and I am afraid

Please don’t take her form me
I know she left me to die that time
but I love her still
The indifferent stars smile toothy smiles
all the brighter in her darkening

The Darkness of a Super Blood moon
All I can do is wait. . .

My hands are shaking

A the thinnest edge of Hope I’ve ever seen
cuts along the trailing edge of the assassin

She Heals!
All parts of my heart sing

I miss the shot with my camera
by my heart holds that image in my mind

The fever broken
the Lady convalesces in the most pure sky
I have ever known

My hands calm
My eyes make my face cold

Total Super Blood Wolf Lunar eclipse
January 20, 2019

In Shadow


Her shadow eyes meet mine
Though she is more than a memory
and less than a myst
I can almost see her
like the day I first saw her

Without making even a whisper of a ripple
she places her hand on mine
A cold bite
and I share a measure of my warmth

Vapor soft, her voice says
“I am frightened
of the thing I have become.”

I choke
failing to properly say
“Honestly, I don’t mind.”

She looks down
“I wanted to give you children. . .”
She places a finger of ice on my lips
before I can tell her
that none of that ever mattered

The cold burns me

She lifts deadly earnest eyes
Eyes as dark as the night I drove her to the sea
She says
“You’re only fault was loving me.”
and she was gone