Voyages of a Ship Named Heart

The Heart Comes

The Heart comes as silent Wind
On a winter day
Gone Grey

The Heart . . .
A gentle hand
Fingers brush the sky
The barren Tree
The revealed limbs quiver

The Heart
Faithful ship of the Line
It drifts just above the winter boughs
Reflected in the silver droplets
Shimmering in the fleshless branches

The Pilot
Captain of the Heart
Consults the maps in his hand
Looks . . .
Finds you watching

And gentle as a puff of breath
He brings his sacred ship to land
At your side . . .

Speaking Hope where there is no Light

The Magician moved
His hands a blur

He twisted Light out of Darkness
Conjured songs out of memories
songs filled words dark and true
and she sang

Songs of the function of Fire
the function of Rhyme
Speaking Love’s resilience
despite betrayal and spite

She sang
of the human spirit surfacing
from depths deeper than faith
where leviathans swim

of Order from Chaos
Life arising from the breast of Death

Speaking Hope where there is no Light
Miraculous deeds worthy of gods in times like these
New discoveries that lift the definition of human
like those of song and fire

Alive, the Breaking of Day ~ D’l Kyrug

or is it only the fever speaking to my sickened mind?

in tired eyes
and mist covers the lake
as shivers take my body once again

Choirs of angels
chorus of demons
deep harmonics of infrared and razor sharp ultraviolets. . .
Rainbows dance in the coming sun
I am weary
bleary and. . . strangely alive

Yes. . .
Oh yeah. . .
Let’s just sit here a bit

holding on to my back
slipping around behind me
at the speed of dark
leaving its roots in shadows on me

Daybreak pours across the Face of the East
Golden liquid honey
cascading into my face, hands and
Night retreats to the West

Oddly. . .
The cool of the Darkness
adds to the comfort of the Dawning Light


A glistening, glittering spider’s web touches everything
An array of light and shadow. . .
and somehow beyond understanding
I am alive


4:37 am

poet’s never really sleep
and for myself
i’d rather see dawn just before bed

and. . .

click. . . click
zzzzzzzzzzzz. . .click

is bashing its brains out
against the light bulb outside the cabin
left on by mistake

feather dust symmetry

and colors beyond the simple hues of my vocabulary
i ache to see this and more

so many
i have never seen this many

i turn off the light
i blind myself to a rare beauty
better i fold my memories
and stuff them into the journal of my heart
than beauty should suffer
at my hand

Unlocking the Wizard~part 1

In a darkness
blacker than the pitch-dark midwinter night
Aphotic as the darkness at the bottom of the Sea
The darkest chambers of the heart of a hollow man

In that place
behind the hole in the zero
Beyond all fear and pain

I heard a. . . movement
the slightest crack in the perfect symmetry
binding me

And there was a voice
speaking in my awakening presence

‘The warrior protects the precious ones
there is no higher calling’

And I answered
‘I can’t remember . . . yet there is memory
There was madness in the streets
and Chaos was upon the Land’

The voice said
‘When you have grown strong enough
You will go from this place
and you will be opened like a spring dawning
Light will pour through you
that the children might flourish in the first light’

In the Crater ~ part 3

I hear a breaking sound
it sounds like bones breaking
The rocks are splintering in the deepest shadows
The Sun is setting beyond the lip
I guess that must be West
The bowl that is in darkness is cracking
and popping and . . . grinding I guess

In the dark
Tendrils curl up out of the earth
Dark smoky coils of darkness
Writhing up and twisting
like worms in a dead eye
A dark forest
Some twine around each other
some stand alone
They are all wriggling
and squirming
Undulating in waves
And my hand passes right through them
This is somehow comforting

I wonder if they are some alien
Life form that fell out of the sky
Nourished by the asteroid debris
that impregnated the earth
But unable to cope with the native elements

Has rain ever filled this crater
Wait a second
It has rained here
The water soaked directly into the ground
there were no puddles

In the Crater ~ part 1

In the Crater

I am here
in this crater
Devastation in every direction
but up
And I can hear her crying

There is this little dirt fountain in the center
And cracks and scratches
radiate from it toward the rim
There isn’t a rock bigger than a pebble
There are these . . . I guess they look like skinny antlers
of blackened glass
Fused sand memory of the heat of the blast
No wait
There were clouds and . . .
Lightning striking the Earth like an electric snake
A banshee scream

It happened in seconds
Absolute devastation in seconds
Millennia will pass before the scars of this Armageddon are blurred