A Poetry Kind of Day


Oh such a lovely, lovely day
Perfect for poetry
Totally overcast
drizzly, miserable and occasional obligatory lightning
Helter and kelter, all that summer swelter
poof – gone

And what’s more in keeping with days like this
than the poetry of lost lovers and other pitiable creatures
All miserable and muttled and . . .
And me

The world outside the window is pewter fog
A crimson leaf slaps the window and sticks
I remember your hand on the railing
Why can’t I see your face?
Your footprint?

In dreams I run after you
On those rare times when I actually snag your arm
A stranger’s face turns to me
And I can see nothing in the fog
Your foot print in the driveway

Totally drizzly, miserable stanzas devoid of summer swelter
And my whole body is hungry for you

I hate poetry