A Dragon and a Fire Angel Turn up in a Bar ~ D’l Kyrug

The Silver dragon says
“And so fair fire-angel
what has happened to your wings?”

“They got stuck in the gates
whilst I was trying to escape the forbidden gardens of desire”

“Hon, that has got to hurt
Not unlike the time I got my tail caught
in the tilt-o-whirl of love”

Nodding agreement the fire angel remains silent
swimming deep currents of memory in her thoughts

The Silver Dragon stamps his foot
shouts, “The Service in this place leaves a lot to be desired
Can”t a dragon get a drink in this dump?”

The fire angel turns towards him, eyes lowered
and hands him a silver mug with potent red wine
He looks confused but takes the proffered cup with appropriate reverence
and mumbles something in dragon
“You are One So Rare
most hallowed and revered. . .
When did you start tending bar?”

But out loud he says
“Thank you m”Lady
and may the day of your healing be hastened”
then he breaths fire across the beverage
The vapors spill over
Cause a fog to rise around all the patrons of the place
Most don’t seem to care
and the rest are smart enough to know better

He drinks deep
as only dragons are prone drink

Alive, the Breaking of Day ~ D’l Kyrug

or is it only the fever speaking to my sickened mind?

in tired eyes
and mist covers the lake
as shivers take my body once again

Choirs of angels
chorus of demons
deep harmonics of infrared and razor sharp ultraviolets. . .
Rainbows dance in the coming sun
I am weary
bleary and. . . strangely alive

Yes. . .
Oh yeah. . .
Let’s just sit here a bit

holding on to my back
slipping around behind me
at the speed of dark
leaving its roots in shadows on me

Daybreak pours across the Face of the East
Golden liquid honey
cascading into my face, hands and
Night retreats to the West

Oddly. . .
The cool of the Darkness
adds to the comfort of the Dawning Light


A glistening, glittering spider’s web touches everything
An array of light and shadow. . .
and somehow beyond understanding
I am alive


We, the damned, are so pleased with your services

Oh and one last thing
before the event horizon completely forms
I have a message for you
from somewhere inside . . .

“Thank you.
The creature known to you as Bill
has been returned to his chaos box.
We never could have entrapped him without your help.
After all he was going too far
we all know this.

The part where you let him think
he was making progress . . .
and then when he dropped his defenses
smacking him in the face,
now that was inspired.
Several of our number have expressed a desire
to study any notes on technique
that you might care to forward.

We couldn’t have done better ourselves.
Your services in this respect
will be compensated with thirty pieces of silver
delivered to your doorstep sometime around midnight.

Please know that we, the damned, are so pleased with your services
that we may contact you in the future
if the need arises.
Again thanks.”

Love ~ Unlocking the Wizard part 3

True Love
asks no coin in exchange
Gives the way the mountain spring yields the waters that sustain life
without commerce

True love is the purest form
of agony

True love brings the gods to their knees
makes angels of demons and
demons of angels

True love
is a walk in the blindness of pure light

the Lady Kaila and the Idiot

My hands cold
elbow deep in the mists of a dark winter’s night
under a moon the color of polished silver

She had insinuated herself
into the statuary of the icy garden
Barely perceptible. . .
A pale silvern flame
aflicker in a lustrous wonderland adorned
by the Fae in the service of the Ice Queen

The fresh fallen snow swallowed the echoes
of the whole of the World
and lent a featureless virginity to all things here below the night sky

Her voice comes to me
like someone at a distance
‘I am innocence reborn
and the dying breath twined around your name. . .’

I answer
‘You shame me now for I have ever been hidden in potentiality
I am pages as yet unwritten
parched and dry for want of ink’

She gestures to a hidden horizon beyond the garden wall
‘You shall render me gravely
if I leave you to your poetical devices
Dance with me’
She steps down from her pedestal
Extends her hand

‘I can never write all that I feel
and so I am captured
Spread across time like a rope of wine’

She stops
Her dark eyes glisten
‘Oh youth I would allow your caress
that I might remember a fever
Remember a night where Nux spread her belly across the vault
from one horizon to the other
And then you were a lad much as you are
pulsating, hot, raw
But tonight you are all I have’

‘Lady I might not have the heat to melt you
and then what of me?
I will surely disappoint you
and your ire is something of legend. . .
Is there another sport that you might like?’

She took the whole of the sky into her arms
‘All the world is here in this moment
and the darkness of the skies
is the silence that falls between Lovers
The silence between heartbeats
There is madness in the way of Lovers
Dissolve into my passion
Into the alchemy of my soft touch
and you shall be transformed
Transmuted into a more eternal art’

‘I could never endure the light of morning
I am
and always was a shadow
hiding from the fingers of the coming dawn’

I have displeased her

She is the breadth of a hair from my face
‘Release me from my winter heart my darling
Torture is being this near and yet so far away
You were ever my Love
We are etched in stone and starlight
You have but to take my hand. . .’

Her hand seeks to brush back my hair
causing it to turn white and brittle
I lean away
‘Where does the cold come from?
Whence the Sun, the moon and the Stars
The wind
the sea
I can not embrace you
I do not belong to even myself. . .’

Her look is savage
her look is despair
her face turns to marble even as I watch
and something eternal leaves her

She says
‘Forgive me
I longed to see the sunlight in your eyes
to touch the moonlight in your hair
I desired one last kiss of starlight falling from your love-filled mouth’

She turns

She turns and she is gone

The Problem With Hope

She kept floating out of her hospital bed
They tried all kinds of things

Tying her down
Placing heavy weights on her chest
Playing Total Eclipse Of The Heart by Bonnie Tyler
They even gave her a glamour magazine and a mirror

Nothing worked
She claimed she wasn’t floating intentionally
(Who can tell with girls that age)

I loved too sit in the hospital chair
and watch her dark hair move
like it was some kind of magnetic field thing

Still didn’t know her name
She tried real hard to remember her real name
because she hated the name ‘Hope’
but she goes with it now
Girls. . .

Her nurses tell me she only likes to talk to me
and they are always glad to see me
even the head-shrinker

I don’t like that doctor
The other doctor, her real doctor likes me
and says I am good for Hope

The Shrinker says I am too young to give Hope
the complex emotional support that she needs
(I don’t think Ms Shrinker has a boyfriend
Not surprising)

I talk with Hope when I can
(I have a license now
and its kinda along the way to school)
I tell her about school and guy stuff
and she sometimes tells me things
but they are things that sound like stories
and faerie tales

I started reading faerie tales
and the old ones are so. . . grim
Like all those movies I watch with my friends
Movies I never liked

Hope’s eyes are very green

Creatures made of light and darkness


Day and night, rivers,
Creatures made of light and darkness
Deep beautiful song