The Way Shadows Slide Away

And so it comes to pass that the facaded stars
who once graced the face of the tiny, electron crusted boxes
The elder gods of modern averts
dance this dreamless post-modern night
where digitized demons and angels swim like fishes

And in all those prefab dreams they look on in lust. . .
dewy eyed
their hearts fall into the kaleidoscopic flickering eye of beauty

And I begin to wish an end to youth’s proud finery
on shiny magazine covers and movie sets
where shadows of darkness are held up in a beautifying light
And the cameras never show how the sinister shadows
slide so noiselessly away from the light

Post Modern Lovers

I tell you
The world is turning
and you ask
How do you know?

You say
will no longer suffice

we’ve ever known is now in doubt

You say
There is no way to know

Your mother lies in her hospital bed
Last night she twined your name around a ragged whisper
Tonight there is only waiting

I tell you
There are stars behind the clouds tonight
and you ask
What difference does it make?

You say
Tell me the reason for all this suffering. . .

I say nothing
as I wait

Unlocking the Wizard~part 1

In a darkness
blacker than the pitch-dark midwinter night
Aphotic as the darkness at the bottom of the Sea
The darkest chambers of the heart of a hollow man

In that place
behind the hole in the zero
Beyond all fear and pain

I heard a. . . movement
the slightest crack in the perfect symmetry
binding me

And there was a voice
speaking in my awakening presence

‘The warrior protects the precious ones
there is no higher calling’

And I answered
‘I can’t remember . . . yet there is memory
There was madness in the streets
and Chaos was upon the Land’

The voice said
‘When you have grown strong enough
You will go from this place
and you will be opened like a spring dawning
Light will pour through you
that the children might flourish in the first light’

The New Dark Ages

Fearing the witch hunters
The religious death-cult fundamentalists
of the early twenty-first century

I huddle in my cyber construct
Fearing not the light of Day
but the Darkness in the hearts of my Fellow Men
Not the Truth
but the Lies that flicker in their death crazed eyes

I am not strong enough to be burnt without screaming
Not strong enough to hold to my principles
While these later-day inquisitors heat up their irons

I censor myself

And despise myself for my weakness . . .
for my rape

distant light

She was to love
as a scream is to a whisper

She loved Nothing
and i felt nothing
so i kinda fit right in

She was to trust
as a fist is to a two-way mirror

As a comet loves the sun
Her gravitational siren song caresses me even at this distance
i orbit at a distance
lingering at the horizon in the Ort
only visible to the best telescopes