The Spectrum from Pure Science Fiction to Pure Fantasy

She asked, “What is the difference between Science Fiction and Fantasy?”

I am after all a Mathemagical wizard of sorts so I invented a gauge
SciFi-Fan Meter.jpg

All the way to the left is Pure Science Fiction

Pure Science Fiction is sometimes called Hard Science and there can be nothing in the story that is not supported by current scientific knowledge as we now know it

Science Fiction in which the events in the story could actually happen in the universe as we know it
with no glaring mistakes fact that could easily be checked using standard reference material
Hard Science Fiction is that branch of literature which is written with science or technology as the main focus of the story

All the way to the right is Pure Fantasy
Pure Fantasy has been around a bit longer than science fiction
Pure Fantasy begins in the myths of human vilification
the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh, the tales of the American Indians, the ancient Greek myths, Norse Mythology
Fantasy is made up of stories of gods, monsters and magic

Both science fiction and fantasy require rules
Just because fantasy is not based on scientific facts or speculation doesn’t mean that anything can go in fantasy
Certain laws must govern a fantasy world as well
the difference is that in fantasy, the author makes up the rules.

Surprisingly, science fiction and fantasy cannot always be distinguished by settings or other elements
To me Anne McCaffrey’s Pern series is science fiction
despite the existence of dragons
while Star Wars films is clearly fantasy despite the space setting

Few stories are Pure
and the ones in the middle can be excellent

Of Course some folk just give up and lump both into Speculative Fiction

Silent Undertaking

I have devoted my life
To the study of Silences
you thought it was words?)

While it may be true
That we are a speaking species
Every good playwright
Every good composer
Every good architect
knows the values of these silences

There are silences that can carve a volume
out of solid stone walls
Silences that can paint a room
In ambers or greys

There is the cold
aching of the silence between the stars

There are grey silences
The silence of the room
after the other has left
The silence of a room
where they will never come again

There are choking silences
when your mouth is so full of love
it can’t let your heart out
When there just aren’t
words enough . . .

And you would give anything
to break that silence

There are warm glowing silences
When you can sit back to back
and read the Sunday paper
And pass funnies . . .
Quiet laughing

There are silences
When you just look at the warm glow of her
And no words are necessary
As the presence of her fills your every sense

Nothing explained

What do I believe in?
If I am honest
I must say that I believe in

Not the endless empty void kind of nothing
I’m talking the ‘Cool Hand Luke’ nothing
“He’s got nothing.”
“Sometimes nothing is a good hand”
if you play your cards right
It kinda depends on how you play the hand you’re dealt

I’m not talking the vasty vacuum empty nothing of perfect symmetry
More the ‘white noise’ of swirling possibilities kind of nothing
from whence order arises

You know
nothing can become anything
if you have the time and inclination

She turns and regards him like something nasty she has found in a hanky

Exchange, Coin of the Realm

She turns and regards him like something nasty she has found in a hanky, “OK, I admit that you have helped me, now what do you want I return?”
“I want for nothing.”
She said, “Oh come off it. you guys are all the same. You only understand commerce and trade. Payment due for services rendered.”
“You cut me to the quick.”
She said, “What the hell does that mean anyway?
“This is the second time that you have hurt me.”
She said, “Why? Because I want the truth?”
“Truth? You want the truth? It has never been about finding the truth with you. It has always been about proving yourself right. No. let me finish. You have a very negative opinion of the world. You are always talking about how it keeps on falling down. But I have to ask you this, why hasn’t it hit bottom?”
“How is it that this, and I’m using your words here, this filthy ball of mud continues to swirl around the toilet and never goes down the drain?”
She said, “Global warming, pollution, overpopulation . . .”
“Are you cold?”
She said, “Not the point . . .”
“Are you hungry?”
“Look . . .”
“You look. No, really look for a change. Your perspective on the world is slanted and that’s not abnormal. The part that is raking my nerves is that you continue to insist that you want the truth, when all you want is to prove yourself right, prove the world is going to Hell. Never mind any evidence to the contrary.”
She said, “Its very simple really.”
“No it is not. The world is not simple. You want it to be simple.”
She said, “It is simple!”
“No its not.”
She said, “What is it that you want from me?”
She said, “There must be something.”
“You have already given me all that I need.”
She said, “What, what did I give you.”
“Should be obvious, you have inspired me to write.”
She said, “Bastard.”