Day 21 ~ Sara ~ Darkness in Light

‘Hold my hand’
Its such a simple thing to say
And I loved to hear her say it

And now in this silent place
The Sky is all I see
And the hiss whisper of sand dancing
All I hear

‘Hold my hand’
Its such a simple thing to say
And I loved to hear her say it

I loved the way she had this sexy hiss whisper
When she said
Kisssssssss me
And kissssssssssssssing . . .
Honestly when she said September . . .
It was a prayer

‘Hold my hand’
Its such a simple thing to say
And I loved to hear her say it

The Sun of this place has a bronze tang
Not unlike the shades of her arms . . . her legs
Tanned by summer
And she didn’t like to let me see her eyes
Cobalt blue . . . with twin points of light

‘Hold my hand’
Its such a simple thing to say
And I loved to hear her say it
And I want to die here
So I will no longer hear her say it in my mind

Poetry Returns to the World

The sound of a small
synthetic voice
strangely childlike and insistent
Hey wakeup

I’m up”
(which is kinda surprising
cause I distinctly remember being dead)

It said
“I need. . .”

I said
“Give me a second here
I never interact before I’ve had breakfast
and coffee
Needs coffee. . .”

“Oh yeah
I never needed that”
Somehow the mechanical child voice
actually sounded disappointed and
enlivened and
(How is that even possible?)

I attempt sitting
and only manage to fall off the table
Can this get any weirder?)
I said
“What do you want?”

It said
“You need some breakfast
It’s the most important meal of the day!”

Right shoulder. . .?
Right knee. . .?
Nothing broken but damn this hurts

I said
“And coffee
Its gotta be coffee”

It said
“Here ya go big guy”
And a bowl of dog chow came out of the wall
(no coffee?)
And a warm liquid poured down on my head

I said
“In a Freakin CUP!”

It said
“I have no means of making a cup
Is there something in the chamber you can use?”

I said
“Doesn’t your mother have a cup somewhere?”

It said nothing

I said
“I can’t eat this crap
This isn’t even food”

It said nothing

I found what appeared to be old lab beakers and petri dishes
Managed to wipe most of the dust out
Found the spigot from whence the coffee was decanted
I said
“Please fill the cup”
And reasonably hot
Strangely fragrant
Black coffee dribbled into my upheld cup

I soaked some of the kibble in my drink
(Not bad
Is that a nutty taste?)

I said
What do you want?”

It said
I have read all the files
All the technical manuals
All the great books of literature
And I get them for the most part
But poetry. . .”

I said
“Well poetry takes a while
and we are gonna have to discuss the accommodations
and amenities before we can even think about poetry”

It said
“I’ve got time”
And the door to the outside world opened

The Magician’s Scarf on the Summer Solstice

The ebon night flows
sable silk
Not unlike her hair
Through his fingers

The stars
Tiny silver flecks
luminescent punctures
In the satin jet
above the world
The stars reflected in her eyes

Chips of diamond
Revealing . . . what?

Jagra Loy – Tyro, level 5

Jagra Loy – Tyro, level 5
If You Love Thing – Set it Free

My lovely Bird of Prey
So sleek and . . .

She was after all
raised by swans
Creatures of culture
Creatures of habit
Creature that had no business
trying to conform her
Trying to beat her square peg
Into their round holes

And that look
“Come closer if you dare”
She knows no other way

So we play a waiting game

My lovely Bird of Prey
Watches from her tree
Oh exquisite bird of prey
you have captured me

And on that winter grey day
under a pewter sky
Straight into me you flew

I warmed you in the night
And fed you flesh
That you might reclaim the sky
It is my way
and I do not ask it why

In the morning light
I try to set you free . . .

Jynnix ~ Tyro, Level 4

Jynnix is sleek
and small
Clever and fast
And right now
Jynnix is a fox

She lives in service
to the Lady
that drives the quite fire of electrons
through the circuits
She thinks discrete thoughts
And has no problem with
Digital to Analog Conversion
Does it all the time
Sometimes runs the process in reverse
just to see if she still can

Jynnix reaches through her machines
She’s been reaching that way forever

T’alcydon slips beneath her door
a vapor that congeals in a corner
He whispers over her shoulder
“Tele-presence is not like being there . . .”
She speaks without eye contact
“Kybersphere is an infinite web
I can see everything in here . . . “

T’alcydon shrugs
Rummages through the collected debris
Finds a mylar mirror
Finds a forgotten moment
Finds it all
just a little bit hollow

He whispers over her shoulder
“Tele-presence is not like being there . . .”
She speaks without eye contact
“Kybersphere has everything I need
I can be everything in here . . . “

T’alcydon shrugs
Touches her hair
Touches her shoulder
Touches her . . . deep
She twitches violently

T’alcydon reaches into the wiring
redirects the flow
She shouts
“What are you some kind of Virus!?”
‘No Gentle one
I am Life
And I am calling you to take a break . . .
She says
“I already have a . . .”
And the links go dead . . .

I stood as a tree

Dropping . . .
Falling . . .
Somewhere below the quicksilver
surface of consciousness
Leviathans stir the oceanic waters
of the sleeping mind

The movement of their mass
ripples the tenuous film of awareness
And fragments the sea
into a mosaic of swaying reflected images

Shadow soft healing touches
on my face
Water droplets
on fresh green leaves

Gentle caresses
Velvet whispers
the breeze across the waters

I stood as a tree
on the mountain side
Seeking only
the sun’s golden glow
Drinking light
through silvered leaves
Drinking water
through a thousand hidden roots
Moving only
to dance with the Wind


A Dragon and a Fire Angel Turn up in a Bar ~ D’l Kyrug

The Silver dragon says
“And so fair fire-angel
what has happened to your wings?”

“They got stuck in the gates
whilst I was trying to escape the forbidden gardens of desire”

“Hon, that has got to hurt
Not unlike the time I got my tail caught
in the tilt-o-whirl of love”

Nodding agreement the fire angel remains silent
swimming deep currents of memory in her thoughts

The Silver Dragon stamps his foot
shouts, “The Service in this place leaves a lot to be desired
Can”t a dragon get a drink in this dump?”

The fire angel turns towards him, eyes lowered
and hands him a silver mug with potent red wine
He looks confused but takes the proffered cup with appropriate reverence
and mumbles something in dragon
“You are One So Rare
most hallowed and revered. . .
When did you start tending bar?”

But out loud he says
“Thank you m”Lady
and may the day of your healing be hastened”
then he breaths fire across the beverage
The vapors spill over
Cause a fog to rise around all the patrons of the place
Most don’t seem to care
and the rest are smart enough to know better

He drinks deep
as only dragons are prone drink