Alive, the Breaking of Day ~ D’l Kyrug

or is it only the fever speaking to my sickened mind?

in tired eyes
and mist covers the lake
as shivers take my body once again

Choirs of angels
chorus of demons
deep harmonics of infrared and razor sharp ultraviolets. . .
Rainbows dance in the coming sun
I am weary
bleary and. . . strangely alive

Yes. . .
Oh yeah. . .
Let’s just sit here a bit

holding on to my back
slipping around behind me
at the speed of dark
leaving its roots in shadows on me

Daybreak pours across the Face of the East
Golden liquid honey
cascading into my face, hands and
Night retreats to the West

Oddly. . .
The cool of the Darkness
adds to the comfort of the Dawning Light


A glistening, glittering spider’s web touches everything
An array of light and shadow. . .
and somehow beyond understanding
I am alive


Little Foot

I look at your feet
feet that might not walk on water
but feet that carry you to the far reaches of my soul

I watch you rise upon them
as you dance across a cold floor
chilled by a dark night
‘dance’ is the only way to describe it . . .

Your waist and your hips
The mystic orbs of your eyes
Your fruitful lips . . .
I love you in all your ethereal aspects

and I love your feet