The Tiger of Darkness

In the Sojourn of this wayward traveller 
I have known  
Seven sets of Black Holes
Known seven hearts that live beyond horizons  
of the infinite darkness  
in black holes of Absolute Despair
    though living is perhaps not the proper phrase
And while I may wonder what stars were lost
When they collapsed  
Still I bear the marks of approaching one too closely
Perhaps my impaired judgement can be forgiven
Because this particular dark star was cloaked in the purest Light
And who could have known that all that brightness
was the death cry of billions of stars being ripped apart  
Their starfire hearts bursting  
dumping their stellar essence in microseconds
There she was
The Tiger of Darkness  
hidden in the death glow of Angels
I can only marvel at the forces
    that must have created this creature
What kind of past must have collapsed upon her  
creating this naked singularity of shattered simplicity
All the bright spaces of childhood  
crushed by the compressive forces of gravity
I dream of her reaching  
but never quite touching
    screaming in the silence of space
As she slipped below the still
dark waters of her event horizon
Perhaps my impaired judgement can be forgiven
Because I am often deemed curious
Too easily drawn to dark energy sources in uncharted spaces
A star gazer too eagerly charmed by siren song
Perhaps . . .
And so I tell the tale
The missing parts of me have become  
the albatross around my neck
I sail the space ways singing the sad song of  
The Tiger of Darkness  
hidden in the death glow of Angels

Care and Maintenance of Angels and Other Ethereal Beings

Remember your Angel is not human

Generally speaking Angels can not handle
more than one task at a time
Angels are often focused to the point of distraction
and it may be difficult it get an Angel’s attention
Angels may occasionally become stuck in walls, doors
Or other solid objects

Do not use Angels for menial tasks
that’s what menials are for
(proper tool for the task and all that)
Do not use an Angel as a substitute for
personal social interactions
or satisfaction of biological imperatives
Do not let your pets chew or scratch an Angel
or leave an Angel out in the rain
Do not send Angels on missions of revenge or plunder

With proper care and maintenance your Angel can deliver
hours of entertainment
and years of service

The New Dark Ages

Fearing the witch hunters
The religious death-cult fundamentalists
of the early twenty-first century
I huddle in my cyber construct
Fearing not the light of Day
but the Darkness in the hearts of my Fellow Men
Not the Truth
but the Lies that flicker in their death crazed eyes
I am not strong enough to be burnt without screaming
Not strong enough to hold to my principles
While these later-day inquisitors heat up their irons
I censor myself
And despise myself for my weakness . . .
for my rape