Goals and Entertainments

Love, money, religion these things cannot be your goal.
These things are entertainments.
No matter how much you have of them you will always want more.
The best way to identify and entertainment is that it can become a kind of addiction.

On the other hand, your goal should be something that is achievable and at the same time is a significant challenge. There should be a cycle to achieving goals.

There should be a preparation for the goal were the objectives are defined and also exalted.
A dynamic process of moving for the goal very much like snowboarding
You know where you begin
You have a good idea where you’ll end
But the journey is the whole point

And there should be ritual celebration at the end objective that defines all of the success and failures

The Problem / the Cure

The Problem

Vampire thoughts
Brainware viruses
Cherished family heirlooms
Passed on with mother’s milk

Clever little parasites
That infect
without killing
Bloated ticks of the psyche
Secure only in the darkness
of Ignorance
They bide their time

The Cure

Embrace the Sun
Swallow the Light
It burns away the flesh
but not the heart
Light flows through the rivers
of your veins

Strange Attractors

She moves
A ghost in the mist
An echo
A thought better left to
the forgotten world of dreams

Splits the perfect symmetry
dividing the Universe into
Day and Night
Left and Right
Fire and Ice
Opposites that attract

I lift my hand
opening it
Releasing my grip
Upon the moment

She has noticed my regard

Embracing the ritual of Seasons
I become an inverted flower
opening inward
Growing to and from the centre
We dance


It even has one of those tinkly bells
To match the ill-fitted door
You take in a breath

The smell and the visual textures hit you
Touch you at all points
Pour into your open senses
A tsunami of words and images engulfs your quivering soul

Horizontal shelves of oak
Vertical spines of book covers
Walls hidden behind and beneath
Room after room of chaos and charm
More than one arm could ever carry
More than one mind could ever consume

And yet. . .
Yet I shall dine
On truth and fancy tonight

n. the strange wistfulness of used bookstores, which are somehow infused with the passage of time
from: http://www.dictionaryofobscuresorrows.com/post/57250260260/vellichor