Eros – Anteros

she said

“I paled
as the silver rain
silver solitude
Bled all color from my eyes

And then one day
Under an azure sky
untroubled by clouds
Aphrodite gave me a playmate
One who walked in beauty
steadfast and constant

But as the years passed
I found that
love must be answered
if it is to prosper
And he did not love me

And now
Anteros the god
who punishes
those who would scorn love
Those who do not return love of others
Eats my eyes
once so full of color

Why not
I deserve it . . .”

A Traitor in the House of Capulet

Face it
Rosaline was as Capulet as Tybalt
But you never hear of her
What she wanted . . .

She was just playing the game
The game of the Time
The way that younger women are want to do
(Don’t want to appear too eager
too willing
the boy will not respect you .. . .
it isn’t fair
it never is)

Rosaline was watching
from the other balcony
Watching as that little b**ch Juliet
lead poor Romeo
To His Death

why do guys do that
All this noise about Love
Risky business this Love thing
Pain is the coin of the Realm

and Rosaline was not unfair of face
and form
why not her .. . .
He’d have lived to be a father
and build a fine home . . .

But no
By refusing him
She egged him on
By pushing him
She was pulling him
into the vortex of his doom

That scream you heard
When he died
It was Rosaline
the Traitor in the House of Capulet

(a scream is heard when Romeo dies)

Swear Not

i do not swear this Love on the Lady moon
for though i love her
she can be . . . inconstant

i do not swear this Love on the Sun’s furnace
for though i live in his blood
my love would pass him . . . unnoticed

i do not swear this Love on this Zephyr
for though she touches me at every point
she only knows . . . how to tease

i do not swear this Love on the acts of man
for though I am a civilized being
he only knows . . .

i swear this Love on the only constant
in my ‘Verse
i swear this Love on the Fire in my heart