Matilde Urrutia ~ the woman that loved Pablo Neruda

Tell me of the woman
That loved Pablo Neruda
wife and widow

Tell me of her

I saw her once in a movie
Lithe of limb and graceful
Attentive but . . . reverent?
She knew when to touch him
and when to leave him to his work
And I think she loved his work
Almost as much as she loved him

Tell me of the woman
That Pablo Neruda loved
wife and widow

Tell me of her

Tell me how she danced with him
to old records late into the day
How they would sit under the trees
In the cool of the evening
He is his foldout chair
And she reclining . . . against the trunk
Attentive as he talked
Knowing that come tomorrow
he would mold poetry to her form
The shadows of the leaves
chance dancing her features

Tell me of the woman
That Pablo Neruda wrote
wife and widow

Tell me of her

And when he died
As all poets must
Tell me if she mourned her poet
Her love?

Bitter Sweet Note

Now comes the part
You’ve heard it before
The balance of the symphony fades
The one bitter sweet
sustained note
Piercing your ears
your heart
your soul
And it just goes on forever
Relentless and strange

It sears

It can’t last forever
You know it can’t last . . .
But it does
And you just want to know
Why . . .

Suddenly it relents
harmonies and rhythms
Returns your heart
into your hands
It does little to stop the suffering
But it does release you

You knew beauty had its cost
but now you understand
You believe

Dungeon Prompts: Redemption Song submission

And That’s Why People Fall in Love. . . script avaliable upon request

by William C. Burns, Jr.
copyright 2/12/2004

“Albert Einstein nailed Space/Time
But the wild thing had him stumped
Al baby
Two and two makes five and a quarter
that’s why people fall in love . . .”
Thomas Dolby
Astronauts and Heretics

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love
Albert Einstein (source unknown)

Dramatis Personae
Gaggette         ~ Android robot who falls to Earth
Frankie Armada     ~ Detective noir (Alpha Xeno)
J. R. Nerdsworthy ~ Expert on all things Scientific
Æros Inigmæ     ~ Primal Life force
Hobokin LaRue    ~ A Man between residences
Psychus Agorae     ~ The Voice of caution
Mildred Abernathy ~ Grandmother Spider
Gaffer McRay    ~ Resident of another time Coyote OldMan

The Game of Traveler and Guide ~ Opening the play
The Game of Ghost and Virgin (Earth)
The Game of Sea Monster and Mermaid (Water)
The Game of Vampire and Angel (Air)
The Game of Frost and Green Sprout (Fire)
End Game

And That's Why People Fall in Love - a play I wrote (and was in - the mad professor with the crazy French/Chinese accent
And That’s Why People Fall in Love – a play I wrote (and was in – the mad professor with the crazy French/Chinese accent)

andthatswhy486~ andthatswhy523~ andthatswhy528~ andthatswhy544

Music Box Gypsy

A tiny gypsy turning under a sky of many colors
a sky of mind
filled with a bronze sun

Above and beyond all music
all silence
in a place
azure and white
moving in a dance of light on water

Trailing streamers
silver and wisps of white
turning in
over and through
undulating like reeds in the current

At the center of her movement
an allusion
a horizon
a vector she points to but never touches

a place
a shadow realm
that she can see with her hands and feet

A place I can only touch on the edge of sleep
the room I pass through
before I fall soundlessly into the sky
I dream her delicately turning
above a mother of pearl box
quietly singing
the stars alive
in the ebon velvet of a midnight sky