Children of the Dark Wind, Rise

Depart for the far places
Spread your anodized wings
catch the currents unseen
Trek as vapor seeds
The ever widening ways
between the stars

Seek ye the lost ones
for it has been long
And so very deep
must be their longing
We can hear them
we can hear . . .

Find them as they sleep
Taste them
By their proteins
you shall know them

the garden gate’s remark

down the path
murky and lined with the weeds of regret

a broken face
a door ajar
a mouth of the past
the window agape

the tongue of curtain
ripped and ragged
flicking in and out
over broken teeth of glass

the garden gate’s remark
to the passing spring wind

The Anecdote of God and the Cardboard Men

Rainy day in heaven
God is making cardboard men

First angels bring in those
huge corrugated sheets
the color of brown noise
He begins
building a figure by tearing the cardboard
with his bear hands
Thinks about it
Tears up the first pattern and builds
a new figure out of the debris of the first
Thinks about it some more
Builds a companion
Arranges them so that they appear to be engaged
in conversation

He takes their picture

Now new figures
One lies reclining on the floor
another leaning back to see the sky
yet another doing something . . . beyond description
Now there is grainy brown a sea of indistinguishable
interchangeable heads, torsos and hands
engaging in all manner of gesture
Exploring every possible nuance of two dimensional gesticulation

Now there is nothing but cardboard strewn
He talks to them
the cardboard men that no longer exist
or is he talking to himself

He is silent
in a silent room
Then calls to his angels
and they bring in those
huge corrugated sheets
the color of brown noise

I kick off my dusty shoes

the east
splits into earth and sky
and beyond the grey/red crack
in the world
an unknown sun
hastens to this place
this desert place
that has known far too many
relentless suns

a night creature now
I remember long years ago
when I rose with the dawn
pale and fresh
but that was another place
another time
where the suns were kinder

I kick off my dusty shoes
and go inside
to sleep

The Other

The Other has always been there
when you are alone
when you are not

in your bedroom
behind the door
when you sleep
trying on your shoes
trying out your tooth brush
picking stuff out of your comb
making a face in the mirror
face in the mirror

Till Wisdom Prevails

How much pain
Fear and
Will it take?

How much self loathing
whispered curses
self deprecation
Will it take?

How many fine spring days
cool summer evenings
Autumn skies ablaze
Silent winter nights
Will pass unmarked?

You must breathe to be alive
To end the pain you must survive
Even if there is no release
You must believe that there will come a time
when all of this will be resolved

When wisdom Prevails