It all started with poetry

It all started with poetry
Had to be poetry

Now look where its gone
I’ve lost all respect for Syntax
My grammar’s shot all to hell
Punctuation was never my forte
And ellipses. . . let’s not even go there
so many dangling phrases
(At least my participles are secured)

Let’s not even talk about spelling
Any kind of Authority . . .
(I’m every grammar nazi’s dream)

It all started with poetry
Who knows where it goes from here

Don’t do poetry

If you want to keep your life
Don’t do poetry

Try cross-stitching or toll painting
But you would do well to leave poetry alone

Real Poetry is food from the Heart
Strong medicine
It is not for the weak

Real poetry springs from the place
where the cold comes from
the barren house of spent desires and sorrows
The frightful down under place
where cathartic moments thunder against the rocks of your soul

Real Poetry slips into the world
through the crack in the sky
The place where the Sun and Moon
enter and exit
Pass on poetry
if you’re not ready to embrace the light

summer’s night

On this granite precipice
On this summer’s night
Under this waxing moon

The silken wind climbs the hillside
Rubs its belly across the grey-green trees
Surges and ebbs against me
Wrapping its fine velvet arms all around me

And yet it does not linger
Stretching . . .
reaching beyond me . . .
Running away
to dance with the green slade Sea

I stand
Lost in one thought
All my words are now but one word
And that word dances away
Dances as though caught in a river of trance
Running away to the Sea

Veteran of the PSI Wars of 2011

I am a humble veteran of the PSI wars of 2011
and doesn’t matter one whit if I say it
cause you will be wiped long before my words sink in

You say that I look normal enough
but I’ve been on the edge so long
So far out the box
I have no memory of normal
and there’s really nothing left of me

The geologic layers of scarred integument
twined throughout my brain
make me a little less than sane
leaves me a little too unkind

What I’ve seen, the pain
has blinded me to the dancing sky
arching across the Chaos Bridge
The Rip in the Multiverse. . .

And you say the war is over
Just shows how little you can know
The Multiverse is in collision
and there’s no place left to go

My weapons are lost or broken
My armor pierced and split
and everything I have fought
I have become. . .
(I know
it doesn’t rhyme)

the garden gate’s remark

Back along the ridge
down the half hidden path
murky and lined with the weeds of regret

Someone’s house in the woods
Someone’s past life lost in loneliness

The roof caved in
the front door missing
a broken face
a mouth of the past
the window agape

a tattered tongue of curtain
ripped and ragged
flicking in and out
over broken teeth of glass

the garden gate’s remark
to the passing summer wind

Time As A Journey

All this time
my love for you
has been my anvil
my heart
a pounding hammer

Here take this thing
this shiny silver thing
this fragment of poetry
and if you can
hold it to your heart
in the times when you are sad

I wait here
in this place called the past
until you grow tired of this Time thing
and cast it off as a silly notion