Dragon Compass ~ Tales from Regwen

On a night much like this one
on the ascending road to Al’Vec
somewhere between the Pass of T’alsen
and the Crags of Zafete’
I chanced upon the roadside camp
of a wizard with no name

On a misty rainy night in Octovus
when my bone had frozen within my flesh
when the will-o-wisps of dead weariness
dance though the forests beside me
like phosphor faeries
I asked to share the warmth of the fire
of a wizard with no name

And when we had shared
a meal of hard-tac and green wine
he told me wondrous stories beyond number
told me tales that could not have been his alone
for no man, wizard or angel
could have endured such trails

But when at last he seemed quite sure
that the wine and the night had muddled my mind
then did he reach within a royal blue bag
covered with silver stars
then did he draw out a strange device
a thing deep in the myths of Regwen . . .

He held forth the Dragon Compass
and the light of the fire danced its designs

The Eye of Jeresic held the center together
And four major points did the device divine
Four minor points split the boundaries between
Iscic the Fire Beast twined about the up-vertical pang
Livthan the Earth Monster held the down vertical
Easlan the Water Weird undulated around the right pang
Shusha the Unseen Zephyr curled about the left

I had learned the Four as a child
but the other four had never been mentioned
Vorthu born of both Fire in Water
not unlike the light of the sun in the heart of a wave
Jayae the child of Water and Earth
who is the meander of the river cutting through the desert
Tugh-schee the blending of Earth in Air
the twisting Jinn that dances across the barren places
Mutarrah daughter of Air and Fire

Eight dragons in all
held in the Eye of Jeresic
and around the Eye a circle of bronze
incremented with tiny angels and demons
heroes and villains

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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