the dark teacher

who can say with any certainty what this man has suffered?
we can only see the scars

who can say if he fought on the side of Light or Darkness?
we only know that the ‘Verse continues

no one can say
save him
and he isn’t talking. . .

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

12 thoughts on “the dark teacher”

    1. Rules of the Game

      The Sage shuffles the deck
      Hands it to me

      I examine the cards . . .
      The look normal enough I guess
      God I hate that smile
      I cut the deck
      Cut it again
      And hand them back

      He rapid deals thirteen cards
      All face up

      The Card of Fear God and Rabbit
      The Card of Liar and Priest
      The Card of Ghost and Virgin
      The Card of Sea Monster and Mermaid
      The Card of Dragon and Moon
      The Card of Rat and Milk
      The Card of Mother in law and Ignorant Slut
      The Card of Dragon and Phoenix
      The Card of Cab Driver and Tourist
      The Card of Father and Rebellious Son
      The Card of Abuser and Victim
      The Card of Demon and Angel
      The Card of Hunter and Wounded Panther

      He leans back
      I try to figure how he cheated

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      1. The Game of Fear God and Little Rabbit

        She wanted me to thunder
        She saw me do that in a play once

        She wanted to play the Game
        of Fear God and Little Rabbit
        She sang a song
        Colder than paint peeling
        “Let me feel the Pain
        That I may feel something . . .”

        Wanted my voice to Boom
        Like God looking for Eve
        in the Garden
        She sang a song
        Older than the Story
        “Let me feel the Pain
        That I may prove I am worthy . . .”

        Wanted me to be Ra
        So that she could dance before me
        Holding my eye from all else
        on the Earth
        She sang a song
        Notes that make me bleed
        “Let me feel the Pain
        Because I am hollow and I feel nothing at all . . .”


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