Scarlet, Frankly My Dear. . .

Scarlet at the bottom of the stair
evening shadows
creep from where such things hide in the light of day

she says “Who will take care of me now . . .
Help me with my aching heart . . .?”

And the ghost of his broken heartbeat
echo of his soul death
just stands there


she says
“But he said he loves me and love can not die . . .”

the ghost would laugh
if it could

she says
“After all that he said . . .
How can he just say no?

the ghost whispers . . .
a sound so quiet
“If a man’s love dies
the man’s soul dies
And a man with no soul
is capable of anything . . .”

she must not have heard . . .
she says
“He’ll be back, he needs me”

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

5 thoughts on “Scarlet, Frankly My Dear. . .”

  1. I’m going to be honest here. As girl children of the deep South we read Gone With the Wind in the eighth grade almost 70 years ago. We wanted to be Scarlett and have a 17 ” waist. The Scarlett we knew so well, who at the end of the book knelt in the dirt of a cotton field raising her fist to the heavens and vowing “I’ll never be hungry again”, would never have let Rhett’s departure reduce her to neediness.

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  2. Geez. This scene changed me- watching with my grandmother no less. He was walking out on abuse. She preened the hair right off her head- stripped the curtains from her home to impress- even stood on her husband’s back to get a better angle on a fantasy. And I loved her in spite of it all. When Rhett left, his stronger love pulled and his heart repocketed went with him- and out popped hers on the floor Tangled dragging and gone. I loved Rhett more. Loved him fiercely. That she could stand after that I find hard to imagine. He loved her so faithfully- and she handled him carelessly- no matter what Ashley crossed my path, I promised to find and love my Rhett. Only fire and kudzu spread as fast as crushes well matched. True love minds her manners, adores the wife and honors her above all, respects the match, the home,- for true love can hatch and hatch again and turn a spouse into-ahh- spouse again. But Rhett. No, he marched out and found a well matched available soul. Then loved her magnificently. Scarlett… Wouldn’t. Rhett is love. Scarlett is complaint built as a backbone. I doubt she’ll ever walk unhaunted again. But I love them both. And fiercely.

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