Cannibal memories
Ones and Zeros in the slip stream
The sound of ten thousand tiny insect legs
Hisswhispering . . .
Microscraping the infinite bed of dry brown leaves
Russet and Auburn Leaves
begging for a match

Cannibal memories
Relentless as the tiny teeth of time . . .
inexorable as tooth decay . . .
not unlike rust

Obsidian waves in a Dark shoreless Sea
under a Sky that has never known Light
Obsidian lenses refracting Darkness
into a kind of inverse laser

Cutting fiber away from the bone
Rhyme away from Reason
Mind from Body from Soul

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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