Segment #3 ~ Jennifer and the Dragon The Chase

She finds him by the water

The instant she is in striking distance
He slips into the water without a ripple

She leaps after him
He will pay for doing this to her
He will pay
Once submerged she casts about

She changes her eyes looking far into the ultra violets
She changes her eyes looking low into the infra reds

She changes her nose and . . .
Just a hint of a scent . . .

She darts under the rock
He is not there
He has doubled back
There is a disturbance just upstream
He has left the water
In a burst of pure animal energy
She leaps into the air
And holds herself there by shear force of will

He is streaking across the sky moving East
She is after him
Faster than thought
She screams above the World
They cross into darkness
She changes her eyes and sees that she is gaining
Then he is gone

She hesitates
She is above an artic landscape
He could be anywhere
No heat
No sound
No scent
Her mind reaches . . .
reaches . . .

Suddenly a movement
She falls from the night sky
A screaming blue-white arc
Resonant harmonic chords
build within her diamond bones
accentuated by random
bone-jarring lurches
She is ripping through the glacier
They are under the glacier
The water tastes of salt

There is a glow in the depths
She is gaining
She smells the sulphur
There is heat
They plunge

She lashes
diamond talon against titanium scale
He evades
She counters
He slides behind a vent
She is there
He moves in four dimensions
She is there
He misturns
She is ready
Her claw is around his throat

“And now my Lady
Will you kill me?”
The thoughts form in her mind
“After what you have done to me . . .”
“I am not the one trying to kill you.”
“Defend yourself.”
“I will do it!”
“I understand.”
“Defend yourself!”
“I hate you. I was happy not knowing.”
“You were not happy.
You were barely alive.”
“DEFEND yourself!”

She throws him like a doll
He drifts
Regarding her
She weeps salt tears into a salt ocean

Segment #4 ~ Jennifer and the Dragon
In the Quiet of the Evening

The dragon is curled around the sofa
While his eyes were open
(It was not clear if he had eye lids)
His ribs are expanding and contracting
Indicating the rhythmic breathing
Of a sleeping creature

“Are you awake?”
“To the best of my knowledge that is one
Of the two questions that can not be answered
With a ‘Yes'”
“I hope I didn’t hurt you.
God knows, you’re tough enough.”
“You have not hurt me.”
“Can you . . . can we be hurt?”
“I do not wish to show you . . .”
“Have you been hurt?”
His scales scrape the carpet as he shifts
The scales on his right shoulder stand on end
Like when the hair on the back of your neck stands on end
And there she can see the injury
She reaches to touch . . .
“Don’t . . . Sorry if I startled you.
Don’t touch me there.”
She sees the crusted blood
And the severed skin
The corded muscles ripple under the
“I risk much revealing this to you.
You now see my vulnerability.”
“Does it hurt?”
“There are no human words . . .
Yes, it hurts.”
“How did it happen?”
“I am a creature of my word.
I swore to defend a lady once.”
“Was she attacked?”
“Technically no,
But she was very much afraid.”
“Who attacked her?”
“She attacked herself.”
“I failed her
In every way
In every fashion.”
“She attacked herself?”
“She did this?”
“I never realized I’d need to defend myself from her.
I’m not very good at civil action.
I could not harm a creature I had swore to defend.
I don’t think you can defend someone from themselves.”
“Where is she now?”
“Far away in a place that I can not go.”
“Would you if you could?”
The scales clicked shut
Hiding the injury
“Will it ever heal?”
“Yes, in time all injuries heal.”
“Is there anything I can do to help?”
“You have already initiated the healing sequence.
For this I am grateful.”
“How have I helped?”
“You will see in time.”

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Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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