Segment #1 ~ Jennifer and the Dragon Initial Contact in the Parking Lot

She had spent most of the evening
And a goodly portion of the night in the pub
Having only achieved a deep and abiding wish
That she had eaten a decent dinner instead

The night was misty and the sodium lights
Did little to lift her mood
She fumbled for her key

There he was
This silver dragon
Eyes of sapphire laser
Claws of diamond
Scales of luster

She ran back into the pub
She thought about telling someone
Then she thought they would think her mad
Then she told anyone who would listen
And they all went to look out the window
But he wasn’t there
She wasn’t even sure how she knew it was a he

She stayed in the pub till she was certain
The dragon had departed for parts unknowable
Doing all kinds of dragon things for dragon reasons

Sure enough
It was there
Motionless and yet undulating
Scales like polished titanium
Glistening in the light

She froze
Maybe if she ignored it
It would just go away
It had happened before
Except that on that occasion
It was not a dragon
And come to think of it
He hadn’t left either

Someone came out of the bar
Now someone would see it
Now someone . . .
The guy spoke to the dragon and it spoke back
The guy got into his car and drove off
Just like that
Drove off
And the dragon turned to once again regard her
Twin sapphire eyes that could cut through steel
Caressed her face without leaving a scratch

She considered
Then bolted for her car
She fumbled the key into the lock
And managed to get into the driver’s seat without incident

She turned and the dragon had not moved
Except to turn its head in her direction
She put the key into the ignition
But hesitated
Isn’t it always that way
The girl almost escapes but hesitates
And then . . .
And then . . .

The dragon didn’t move
Didn’t advance nor retreat
She noticed that the face was not
The horrid face of the dragons of Eastern Europe
Or the silly paper dragon face of the Orient
It was a face uniquely animal and yet . . .
His tail had twined around the light pole
And he seemed to be tapping the index claw
On his right foot to some kind of music in his head
She could see that he was writing something
In the pavement

She rolled down the window
“I know what you’re up to.” she said
Sensuous and opulent his voice rolled across the lot
“My lady, you are perhaps wise beyond your years
But you can know next to nothing of my thoughts and motives.”
“You’re gonna wait till my back is turned and . . .
And . . .
You’re gonna do something really nasty to this car.”

The dragon made a hissing sound
That could have been a laugh
A couple left the pub and drove off

She started the engine and shouted
“I’m leaving
There are people who are expecting me
And if I . . . if I . . .
There’s no telling what they might do.”
He winked his left eye and said “Goodnight my lady.”

She drove off
And didn’t see him in the rear view mirror
She drove around the block
And he wasn’t there
The lot was empty
She waited
But he did not reappear

She turned the car off
She had lied about people waiting
She suddenly felt very cold
She got out of the car and walked to the light pole
There in the yellowish light
Strange symbols
Somewhere between hieroglyphics and scientific schema
She stared at them for the longest time

Slowly something began to form in her head
A Message
A message for her specifically
A message . . .
Yes . . . She snapped her head up to see if the dragon
Had crept up on her

The message said . . .
It was a warning of sorts
It was also some kind of joke
It said . . .
It said, “Watch out, there’s a dragon in the parking lot.”
She snapped to full alert
She looked in every direction
And strained her ears to hear
There was nothing
No one but her

She looked back down at the symbols
And noticed for the first time
Her own hand
Her hand had scales like polished titanium
Glistening in the light
And she laughed
Yes there was a dragon in the parking lot
And she was it

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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