Shadow Stalker ~ Abigail and the Wind Wolf part 2

He is a wolf with wings
On the blanket she provided
He is somewhere between asleep and awake
Without opening his eyes he has licked most of the debris off

His fur is matted
And he has massive injury on the right side of his head
Down the neck
And the right shoulder needs work

The wings do not appear broken
But for a few moments he cocked them at an odd angle
Frightening her
But now they are folded on his back

It’s so natural
She wonders why all wolves don’t have wings
She looks at the stains on the walls
She has always imagined fantasy animals in the contours
Why not winged wolves?

She placed a water bowl near him
But he hasn’t drank
She considered leaving him to get some food
But decided to try some lunchmeat


He is coughing
Twitching and snarling
Oh God he’s on his feet
Snarling at her. . .
At something beside her

Never, never never touch a wild animal
Oh Good he is going to kill me

Faster than she can see he coils and springs
But he only grazes her
Slides past her and grabs one of the shadows on the wall
Only now she can see. . .
Cripes, it’s not a shadow at all
It’s like a centipede made of jet black oil

A nightmare thing of coils and foul stench
They knock over the table and two of the chairs
She can’t look away
Can’t remember how to run

The thing tries to get away
The wolf is all over it
It twists back and tries to get at the wolf’s injuries
A mistake
The wolf fangs clamp down on the head
And the creature from Hell is only writhing

The wolf shakes it
The way a dog whips a snake
Ichor and slime paint the walls

She is shaking
How long has that thing been there?
She can’t remember when the stain first appeared
But now that it’s dead. . .
She feels a wave of relief washing over her

The wolf
Meets her eye
Tries to regain his feet
And sleeps. . .

With a hand gentler than a summer zephyr
She touches his foot

“Thank you. . . “
It’s all she can say
His left ear twitches

Somehow she knows. . .

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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