The Party of Lady Erato the Muse~ Epic

The Party of Lady Erato the Muse

The Lady Erato of far Cyllabra
and her Maiden in training Kylasheana
Always throw the best parties
It is rumored that there are those
Who would gratefully kill
just to receive an invitation

Many are the tales
And even more will be the legends
Of these Galactic Gala Events
And this one is no exception
Scheduled on Friday the Thirteenth
Everyone is invited to wear
The most outrageous costumes
and bizarre hats
On the thirteenth hour
The stewards ring small silver bells
And usher the honored guest
Down the winding path to the port
No one knows why

The Lady and the Maid glide down
to the dock
Everyone is straining to see
Whatever she is trying to see
Just cresting the horizon
A tiny green-grey ship courses toward them
against the tide
The ship is such that
it is sometimes difficult to actually see
It could easily be mistaken for a graceful sea bird
It is a dragon
a dragon boat
It’s billowing sails could be clouds . . .

As it nears the coast
The honored guests can see
three men
One in grey robes
one in a black frock coat
One in an outrageous costume
of lightning bolts and
mesmerizing stars

The tiny ship soars to the dock
but doesn’t stop
It moves across the sand
and halts inches from the honored guests
The three disembark
And the Head Steward announces
The Magician ~ Mystaphystei the Magnificent
in the outrageous costume
The Pilot ~ Karl Williams of Near Angia
in the black frock coat
The Wizard ~ Chyfrin
in the grey robes
And . . .
How can this be
the steward is confused
The Heart . . .

The ship folds its sail wings
extends its legs and
Before anyone can gasp
The Dragon bows . . .
The Pilot laughs as he introduces
‘Fair Ladies and Gentle folk
May I present
my constant companion
My ship and my dragon
The Heart!”

The Magician doffs his hat
and performs a perfect courtly bow
The Lady is much amused
There is much applause


The Incident at the Dock

The Pilot takes the Lady’s lace gloved hand
Kisses it with all due respect
And it escapes the eyes of few
That this Lady of four kingdoms
Is actually blushing

She holds his eyes
‘Pilot Williams
When last we met . . .
Well actually we didn’t meet . . .’

‘Fair Lady of far Cyllabra
I apologize far more than I can ever say.
As you remember I was commissioned
In your father’s war
And had to sail on the tide.’
He appears completely contrite

Many are the recounts of
Courage in those ghastly battles
And I was devastated
when I learned of your injury.
You served my father well
And if reports have it true
You saved the lives of the family royal.
The day you sailed
I was late . . .’

The Pilot waves his hand
‘My lady
You are never late . . .
The tide was early.’

The Lady Erato
lightly wraps his knuckle with her fan
‘Who is this?’

‘This my Lady
Is Chyfrin
The Rukesayer of the Eastern Mysts.’
A hush falls on the guests
The Lady’s eyes widen

Chyfrin advances and bows deeply
No one can believe that the Lady is honored
in such fashion
For many and powerful
are the legends of Chyfrin
Rukesayer of the Eastern Mysts
Yet here he is
Paying the Lady Erato the greatest accolade
The Maiden Kylasheana breaks the uncomfortable silence
‘Master Wizard
Did you give Pilot Williams this magnificent ship?’

Chyfrin laughs deeply
It is the sound of clear waters
running under rocks in Spring
‘Young Maid
Forgive me the amazement of an old man
For I can see the sunlight in your eyes
moonlight in your hair
Starlight falling from your lips.

Our young pilot here
Won his own heart back
in the Battle of Kalufron Despecke.
And he is perchance more fortunate than most
For very few men are ever
captains of their own heart.

He has granted me passage here
As a favor
A kindness rare in this
or any age.’

The guests applaud


Drinks and Dance in the Grand Hall

The Lady is speaking
In the crystal Hall of far Cyllabra
The Magician pulls her words
Words like small fragile birds
Out of the air
Ever so gently

His hands move quicker than light
So that they appear
as birds at the ends of his arms
His hands weave tiny sheets of light
into the most ornate origami cages
Gently nestling the tiny birds
of her words
In cages of twinkling splendor

Somehow he hangs the cages
In the air and they bob and sway
In the air currents that coil around him

He starts to sing a song
That is exactly one octave below the birds
He and the birds interweave
chords and melody of legends

A sweeping gesture
And all the cages leap into the high rafters
And set the birds free
They fly out the windows
and gather in the tress around the palace

The musicians take up their instruments
The Lady takes the hand of the pilot
The guests pair off
And the grandest dance of many centuries


A Private Moment
Beside the Reflecting Pond

The reflection of the Lady
Glides across the dark waters
Beside the reflection of the Pilot
The palaver of the party
Provides a pleasant backdrop to their movements

The wind ripples the waters
Breaking the reflections into mosaics of shimmer

Erato breaks the silence
Under a wine velvet sky ariotous with stars
‘You are a stranger my Love
And yet not strange here beside me
In the starlight.
This time is strange
And we meet on this alien shore
Of stone and starlight
I wonder . . .’
She turns enigmatically
They can hear the crash of the ocean
As well as the revelry

A silence passes between them

She continues
‘I wonder if your lips taste of
a lingering strawberry-red ripeness?’

‘Fair Erato
There is only one way to know.’

She turns away from the kiss
‘Lovers are alchemists and what they
create is like nothing before or will be

‘Erato . . .
I fall
A winged creature
stunned for eternity.
Never far away
never close enough.
If you will free me
with this kiss . . .’

She kisses him
And when she opens her eyes
He is a magnificent dragon
Eye of gold and wings of silver
Skin like burnished copper

She lifts her hand
And strangely notices that her claws
Appear to be a mystic metal
a color not unlike alabaster
She has never felt wings before
She stretches out to her full length
And coils her tail in the moonlight

There are no words to describe her opalescent beauty
Her magnificence . . .

The Wizard
the Magician
And the Maid regale the guests
Until well near dawn
No one at the party
Notices their departure



and you and I
run the far high places
like hounds of love

open sky speaks
a frothy dialogue of moon and stars
to cyan and turquoise sea

we sail
the night air
lingering only a moment
where shadows gather
under the stars

we soar
a warm Autumn sky
on wings of gossamer


Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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