Goddess In Training IV – The Lesson of the People Tree

This particular Pocket Universe is
Modeled on Pre-World-War II Dresden
The attention to detail is amazing
The buildings festooned with statuary
The streets pleasantly busy

A misty light permeates the night
It perfectly accentuates her hair
Alcestea Dae Borahmene ~ Goddess In Training
Her hair the color of every man’s desire
And her eyes . . .
Her eyes the color of poetry
An errant breeze dragon tugs teasingly
at her diaphanous toga
The old wizard beside her keeps pace
despite his apparent age
He doesn’t so much walk
as flow
It is hard to see him actually
His grey robes blending perfectly
was the masonry

“What is this?” she asks
“This is called a café.”
She sits
Clearly disquieted by the feel of the
Wrought iron chair
She blesses the young waiter
And they have their drinks in record time

The Rukesayer leans back
Reading the menu with fervor
Alcestea already knows what she wants

Strains of Macarthur’s Park
Meanders through the clientele
She tugs his sleeve
“Yes Dear one?”
“I want to know about life before life
and beyond time.”

“Before we eat?’
“Please . . .”

He sighs
Causes some wonderful breadsticks to materialize
And crunches one

He selects a sesame seed from the table
And rotates it
two hand widths above the wrought iron table
It swells to the size of a Slag-ball

“Consider the question
Which came first
The seed or the tree?”
The seed pops and an oak rotates in it place
“I thought it was chicken and . . . “
“Who’s telling this story?”

He bites another breadstick
And washes it down with mead
“The question is moot
Which means it is something that is discussed
So let’s . . .
I could go with the simple explanation
And say something like
‘You Father made everything
And did as He pleased’”

He continued
“Everything I know about your Father
Is anything but simple . . .
I honestly do not know if he existed
Before all the Worlds
Or if he is a part of them . . .
In fact there is evidence
That there is a Cosmic Cycle
Of Creation and Destruction
So that there is in fact a Beginning
An infinite number of them in fact . . .”

“My studies have taken me to far an exotic places
And in every one of them there is this thing called
The tree has sprouted acorns
One of them smiles at Alcestea
She smile back
No one really knows what this ‘Life’ thing is . . .
That whole particle and wave argument . . .
But I know one thing.”
He whispers
Very secretly . . .
“Life is an emergent property
of the timely intermix of matter and energy . . .”
The tree becomes a world
Barren rocks and volcanoes
She weeps for the tree

“Dear one
You weep for the tree?”
“It was a beautiful oak . . .”
“How do you know it was an oak?”
Oaks all have acorns.”
“So by its fruit you know a tree?”
“Yes Rukesayer . . .”
“Then consider this . . .
Time is the means of expressing the intrinsic
aspects of a system . . .”
And before her eyes
thousands of years of evolution
Transform the world . . .
Thousands of beings cavort and play . . .
The old man smiles
“Oh, look Alcestea
Its people-ing
If we know an oak by the acorns
We know a world by its people . . .
Worlds and People are part of the same thing.”
She is weeping with the insight
She asks the question
“What is that thing Rukesayer?”
“Its Life Dear one
And it courses your veins
Like liquid golden fire
Running the myriad branching rivers
Under your skin . . .”

“Then I am a Life-Force?”
“Have you ever doubted it my Princess?”
And their dinner arrives

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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