Athana Teaches Blae E’Kylar the Lost Art of Shape-Shifting Beside the Founta

Athana Teaches Blae E’Kylar
the Lost Art of Shape~Shifting
Beside the Fountain

“Light years ago
I was considered a bow
Capable of losing arrows of Light
Flickering points to be caught in night’s sack
Pinpricks of radiance
Devoured by a Dark star’s
hunger . . .”

Blae E’Kylar:
“But what’s the reason for you fall?
Why have you come to this place
at this time?”

“Can any ever know
With absolute certainty why we chose
Will choose
The things we desire?”

Blae E’Kylar:
“But why this dance?
Are you not the Angel of Mercy?
Would you ask me to wound
Would you ask me to fight
Would you ask . . .”

“Who are you to question
That which is Divine?”

Blae E’Kylar:
“As you did?”

“Do you think I like this?
The question
that’s going to plague you for all time
Is this:
‘Do the players in a tragedy
Have any real choice?’”

Blae E’Kylar:
“Are you saying I have no choice
That I must seek this other out
And destroy them?”

“It is destiny . . .”

Blae E’Kylar:

“You would set your hand against the Sky?”

Blae E’Kylar:
“As you did?”

“Provoke me not!”
Then she laughs
It is not a happy sound
“You find her
She finds you
No difference.”

Blae E’Kylar:
“I could go.”

She will find you and she will kill you
If you do not heed my teachings.”

Blae E’Kylar:
“This isn’t fair.”

She laughs again
“Human law seeks in vain
To impose a matrix of ‘Fairness’
On a universe that has no respect
For human law.”

Blae E’Kylar:
“I will not . . .”

“Saying a thing
Will not make it happen.
Arm yourself or die.
That is the only real choice you have.”

Blae E’Kylar:
“Teach me.”

“Reason wins at last.”
She places her hand on his forehead
He screams in pain
And several pedestrians pause to look
“Did that hurt?”

Blae E’Kylar:
“But this is so perverse . . .
You want me to take these forms?
What of . . .”

“To avoid her
To attack her you must
You must fly . . .”

Blae E’Kylar:
“It seems cowardly
to strike from the air.”

“Honor is battle is another human myth.”

Blae E’Kylar:
“I will fly away.”

“She will find you.”

Blae E’Kylar:
“And perhaps you as well.”

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Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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