the Thunder Seed is Planted in Khymaira – Songs of Blae E’Kylar & Khymaira

Chyfrin’s Second Exposition;
the Thunder Seed is Planted in Khymaira

Chyfrin taps a rotting stump
with his oaken staff

He leans on it and looks to the horizon
“Legend has it that Khymaira
Sprang from the Earth
on the Eastern part of the planet
But current fashion has it
that she walked under the Seas
for billions of years
And she would never tell you
After all it is bad form to ask a Lady her age . . .”

He turns and there is pain in his face
“There are many differing accounts
Of exactly what she looked like.
Goat’s heads, tail’s of snake
Its all contradictory.”


“I saw her . . .
Won’t go into that . . .”

He rubs a scar across the back of his left hand
A kind of distracted gesture
His mind elsewhere

“I saw her and she had two heads
The head of a dragon and the head of a Lion
And this is the part that confuses the Dickens
Out of so many
The lion head had the mane of a male.
And the mane was made of snakes.
Now you wouldn’t see both heads at once
There was always this nebulous haze
About her features
And suffice it to say
That if she thought a dragon head was in order
Then she could bite like a dragon
If she felt a lion was necessary
Then she would roar.”

He walks to the edge of the water
Contemplates the reflections there
Strikes the water with his staff
The sky suddenly starts to cloud

“What posses the Powers That Be?
Why would such be created
Seems somehow cruel . . .
She was the only of her kind
And she was lonely.
You see she had a fire inside her . . .
A thunder in her heart.
She wanted . . .
Longed for . . .
Needed . . .
Another of her kind
And the fire would come blasting from her mouth . . .
It would sound like thunder . . .

I am certain the sound of that thunder drove her
Often to the brink of madness.”


He sits beside the lake
And the tears from the Sky
Mix with his own

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Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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