Failure to Yield

You could never give yourself wholly
Could never yield your whole body
your heart
your soul
The way that children do
A small flower in their hands
saying ‘take this
love me’
Totally at peace with the moment

By holding yourself back
By hiding away the tender part of you
You have become your own dragon
The damsel and the tower in one
No longer lithe and limber
No longer filled with naivete’‚
the primal energy of simplicity

What is it that you are holding
with such frenzy
Whatever it is
By holding it so dear
You have sold this thing you cherish
for silence

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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