Anaxamander & the Silkies of the Utaslk Pod

And he notices that one of the Silkie males is in human form
Without apology he passes through the barriers
And confronts the young male

“I am your alpha
And I am lacking a proper understanding.”
(this is translated from Silkie )

“You are not alpha . . .”

“I am ALPHA!” and Anaxamander evokes the thunder clap

All the silkies jump and the smaller pups hide
Behind their Hindmares.
One of the older males considers
And decides to back down

Nax continues
“What is your name pup?”

“I am no . . .”

“What is your name pup?”

“I am Noreega TuLagetti
Of the Utaslk Pod”

“I am lacking a proper understanding.
Must I nip your ear?”

“Oh no sir alpha
How may I assist your understanding.”

“There is a young woman . . .
All the silkies were jittering
“There is a young woman who often walks beside me
And she is missing.
I want to understand where she has gone.
Assist me!”

One of the elders flumped toward Anaxamander
Performing the appropriate
‘You are alpha’ gestures
“Alpha I am responsible for this pup Noreega TuLagetti.”

“Can you assist my understanding?”

“The pup woman and Noreega TuLagetti
Were frolicking
And he thought it proper to remove his silkie skin
so that he might look more like humans.
And all was well
I mean who can blame them
They are young and it is Spring.
Unknown by Noreega TuLagetti
or any of us for that matter
The pup woman slipped on his skin
And swam away . . .”

The sound that Anaxamander made was the most alpha sound
Since God went looking of Adam and Eve
“Find Her!”

Anaxamander falls and became a Dolphin
And with the entire swimming pod of the silkies
They search all the waters in the habitat

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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