The Virgi Warrior Woman

The Virgi is flat of her back
In the center of some kind of circle
She can’t remember how she got here

“OH God
He’s here.” she whispers to herself
The image of this man
Neither tall nor short
Neither plump nor thin
Was burned into every cell of her brain
And under each visage
the word “Enemy.”

He was stupid to approach her
Without weapons . .
She tried to move and found it difficult
She forced herself to relax

Her lips pulled into a grimace
Just behind him on his right
A Woman Warrior
A traitorous bitch
The Virgi screamed

The Warrior moved toward the Virgi
But the man stepped between them
And implored the Warrior to be at peace

The Virgi cried
Why does he live if you have arms?”
“Little sister
There is more to this one
Than is allowed for in your philosophy.”

The Virgi pulls herself erect
“What have you done to me
My armor is impervious!”

The man moved to within arm’s reach
She moved and he wasn’t there
“What have you done to me?”
“We have done nothing
Your armor is layered into your skin
Protecting you but . . . ”

“Not everyone considers virginity a curse.
Hey bitch
Is that how he turned you?
By taking . . . ”
The Warrior Woman moved faster than thought
To hold her by the throat
“Little sister
The only thing that keeps breath in your body
Is that he argues very effectively.”
“Please let her go.”
“But she will kill you.”
“Then I will die, please . . .
You can only live in your armor just so long.
You were approaching the limit when we found you.”

The Virgi dances the ‘Thirteen Ways to Kill’
And yet he remains untouched.
She improvises and manages to nick his shoulder
But he stuns her by simply touching her neck

“Get out of my head.”
“I can not read your thoughts
Propaganda programmed into you by . . . ”
“You can not control my heart!”
“I wouldn’t even if I could.”
“I hate you!”
“I have no hate for you.”
“Kill me if you wish to stop me.”
She screams
“I have no intention of harming you . . .”
“I will not Harm you!”
“You can’t keep me here!”
The man steps back and bows
Exposing his head
She hesitates
“Young woman
You are free to leave . . .”
“You think me such a fool?”
“You are free . . .”

She turns and runs for the door
Before she can get out
The Woman Warrior steps between her and the exit

If you go out that door
you will never be allowed
To return.”

“Don’t go . . .”
“Kill me or get out of the way.”

And just like that she is free
They do not believe her when she returns to Control
They try to hold her and hurt her
But she escapes

Now she roams the Hinterlands
Like some kind of animal
Trying to find the Door back
Before her armor poisons her

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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