For the Lady Margot and Sir Pablo

Everyone wants to speak of
of the Lady Art
with sure and certain words
To verbalize the things
that can only be seen
only experienced
Spoken about
but never spoken

When i say
do you understand the song of a bird?
You may say any number of things
Might even use binary numbers for the record
but the song of the bird
is beyond any numbering

When i say
do you understand the velvet Night
Understand the green slade Sea
the dance of the Fire . . .?
What will you say?
What can you say
that is worthy?

Can you say with words . . .
Perchance with the shared experiences
behind the words
But only with words
all there is to say
about a Thunderstorm at Sea

I think that perchance Sir Pablo
considered any one of us
Any artist
to be a ribbon blown and shaped
by the Wind
An imperfect mirror
reflecting the ‘Verse . . .

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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