Conversation Between the Frankenstein Monster and an Angel Just Over His Right Shoulder

by: Deallas Myth and Chyfrin

He says

The mob has chased me to the tower
and they are carrying torches
and pitchforks
crying out for my blood
because they are bored
and while i could fight my way through them . . .
i don’t want to hurt them . . .

She says

For those who do not know you
mock you
taunt you
For those who refuse to open their eyes
Are they worth protecting?
Are they worth saving?
Are they worth more than you?

I say Not!
Fight your way through them
Savagely make their blood flow
Paint the ground red

They are not worth a life
If they cannot see the life before them

He says

There is the rage in me
But i am their sworn protector
and while they may
or may not deserve my blood
i burn it like oil
in the lamp of my darkness

If i can touch one heart
if i can change one path
away from the path to hell
then . . . then . . .
perhaps it is worth it

She says

Let the rage burn
A single female stands before you
Her hand on her heart
Her tears flow with sorrow
for your soul
You .. a soul so bright
showed her light
showed her there are others
out there … like us

No longer burn your own blood
shed theirs and burn it before you
show them you are no longer
a slave entrapped in their selflessness

You have shown so many your light
you darkness

Show them who They are
Show them they no longer
Control You

He says

Then you have harvested the tears so many have sought
how could I have known they would be tears of joy

She says

Tears of joy
fall on the leaves of the forest
the nymphs collect such tears
these nymphs see them
as precious jewels
Jewels so precious
more than any diamond, sapphire, amethyst
Nymphs collect these tears
Each drop an individual jewel to be cherished

Each teardrop is brought before the Sun God
They kneel and pray before Him

The Sun God looks closely at each precious teardrop
Feels what joy has brought such a tear
It is then, just then He will decide
the precise shape and clarity this teardrop
will become a jewel so cherished over any Gem

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

2 thoughts on “Conversation Between the Frankenstein Monster and an Angel Just Over His Right Shoulder”

  1. I enjoyed this thoroughly. It is a reimagining I had never considered. Humanizing. Thought provoking about how I label people and see them only as that label rather than whole human beings, they way I see myself and those I love. Thank you for creating it.

    Liked by 1 person

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