The weakest attractions in chemistry are collectively known as van der
Waals forces
hence the reason van der Waal could not remain bonded for any
significant length of time
London forces, the weakest of these forces, are caused by momentary
fluctuations of electron distribution symmetry in the atoms or by the
sudden onset of an irrational desire for fish and chips
Covalent bond
electrostatic attraction and sharing of valence electrons between two
consenting atoms
Ambivalent bond
quasi attraction of valence electrons between two atoms that seem real
Ionic bond
attraction resulting from the transfer of charged particles between two
consenting atoms
Ironic bond
attraction between two sarcastic atoms or one really sarcastic atom and
another atom known as the victim
Moronic bonds
well . . . you know
Nonpolar bonds
bonds occurring anywhere except the North or South Poles
Oxidation can be defined very simply as, the “addition” of oxygen
through a chemical process such as burning
To burn an idiot

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