Tuning – art by Moebius

She opens her sandwich
Appears dissatisfied with the results
Lays it on the table

I lift a perfect quartz crystal
(Made it last night)
and place it in the energy saddle
That hovers about two hand widths
Above the table

She bites into her sandwich
‘I suppose you are going to tell me
That crystals are too pure
For your tastes . . . ‘

‘Not at all
Cyto-organics is a diverse field
It includes the pure
As well as the complex . . .’

The crystal slowly starts to rotate
end over end
catching the mid-day sun
shafts of pure light
caress her lovely face

She says
‘But you seldom play with the pure forms . . . ‘

‘I love the way organic systems
Cross integrate
cross pollinate
And bind . . .
The world is not a scrambled egg to me’

The light starts to penetrate everything
Caressing her ancient soul
She smiles
Lays the sandwich aside
reaches to touch the light
and becomes the most perfect C major Chord ever . . .

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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