The Dragon and his role in the Reincarnation of the Lady

I am driving toward the Ocean
I am a dragon
on a bike that is formed
as a dragon’s mount should be formed

I lean into the wind and my eyes are covered by membranes
that serve me

Orbiting me in a rainbow nimbus
Twelve dragonettes
(I picked the last one up
out by the swamp – let’s call him Puck)
one for each of the primary colors that dragons see
(two of the colors are in the normal human spectrum
one in the infrared
and three in ultraviolet)

Puck challenges me for Alpha
and i lovingly explained the full measure
of his error in judgement
The others just laugh
(Dragon laughter is such. . . exhilarating music)

We were going to meet the Lady
the Moon
For she is full tonight
and this is the Night of a Hundred Years

I do not wish to go

She hovers over the waters of the Bay
Liquid, molten milk
A Libation to Nux who arches over All

I stride the waters that separate us
She extends her alabaster arms. . .

“Dear Sweet Lady
Please let me pass this night without fulfilling. . .”

“Gentle Dragon
Thus tis always been. . .”

“But does it remain that we do this again
for i would not have it so”

“Come my Lover. . .”

I and the twelve embrace her face
And where we touch
she goes dark
Her skin become a reddish brown bruise
and i loath myself

She calls
“We must do this my Love”

And as the appointed son of the Night
I eat her face in it entirety

You will call this an eclipse
And i suppose in your limited way of thinking
this is true
But only when the Lady is consumed
can she be reborn

Her Light is contained in my heart
and it sears me
cuts me
ignites the Nether Realms within me

I scream the Silent Scream
at the sight of her bruised face

“Well done my good and gentle Lover
Release me”

My chest splits and the Phoenix of the Moon
repaints her face in new and glorious splendor
And she is even more beautiful than before

My last thought
as i fall back into the darkness of the waters of the Bay
is that i would do anything for this Lady


Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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