a question for readers


i have recently been told
by those who read my work

that while they want me to write more
my work feels incomplete to the reader

i am confused
because that unfinished feel is exactly what i have been shooting for

i want to enter into an arrangement with the reader
where they use my work as a jumping off point
where they use parts of themselves to complete the work
and hence
own the work in question

i realize that this is not easy for the reader
only by attempting the untried and un-tired
can i
or anyone
create anything new or fresh

so here’s the question
is it best to create new and original thought dances that invite the reader onto the dance floor
or is it best to write in such a way that requires no effort on the part of the reader?

i rest in your answer
(comment if you can)

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

22 thoughts on “a question for readers”

      1. I think it is not only a good question for your individual work for for a more general audience of writers asking the same of their respective audiences. (Does that make any sense?)

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      2. I am trying to contribute to starting a dialog. (Maybe others might speak?) This is an effort similar to starting a fire but hopefully NOT similar to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater! 🙂

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      3. My viewpoint is probably very different from most readers. I am exploring the world of re-blogging content and seeing what traffic it generates. Needless to say, I pick topics and related content that interests me. That said, when I read your work I ask this critical question: “Do I believe that my readers might like this?” If so, I re-blog. If not, I pass it by. Your work is quite lyrical, and, so, I tend to believe my readers would like it. And, therefore, I reblog. But I have never particularly analyzed it in the manner your ask. I read it, have an intuitive or “gut” reaction, and make my decision. Hope that helps. Oh, one other thing: I check the stats every day. If you are generating a fair amount of traffic, then I tend to reblog more. (That’s just good webmaster practice.)

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      4. your reblogs are a pleasant surprise – i am totally blown away when you think my work merits the attention of your readers and i am not kidding when i thanks you – now this is where the question comes, when am i just writing to feel catharsis and when am i writing just to be read – i fear that is i only write to be read, i will start producing stuff that is not authentic – and face it, that is no way to treat a reader – so i will admit that the poetry you reblog, i go back and reread – to see what worked about that particular piece – you are helping more than you can know – thanks

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      5. Sometimes OTHER factors come into play. Sometimes I get blown away by the amount of content coming in (I subscribe to somewhere north of 300 blogs and, therefore, review quite a bit of content) and that means I do not always get to yours. So, you might actually have good work that slips by me. Although I do go directly to your blog (specifically) from time to time, that only happens a few times a month. (The most of the time I am using tags to filter my views in the reader.) The tags you use really DO make a difference. (Maybe I need to review my Tags list in the reader to be a bit more inclusive of your work and work similar to yours. Hmm.)

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      6. If it is erotic, make certain to include “erotic, erotica, erotic poetry, erotic stories, romance.” If PG romance then at least include (romance, romantic stories, romantic poetry, love stories) and similar. And do not forget tags related to the picture if you use one. So, if it is a picture of a couple kissing then add “kiss, kissing, couple” into the mix. This should both increase likelihood of reblogs AND your traffic.

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      7. A few of the tags I filter for (and read): Bikini, ditavonteese, Dreams, Dreaming, Elvira, Erotic, fishnet, Goth, lingerie, naughty, NSFW, pin-ups, pinups, Risque, Sexy, Swimsuit; I have also ruled out a few: “stockings” and a few others I cannot recall. Run searches yourself, and you can see what others are doing.

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      8. One more quick tip: because of a format change (Mixfolio theme) on RisqueBusiness, I am now focusing on blog entries that have some kind of (alluring) photo associated with them (lingerie, bikini, couple kissing, etc.) Adding a single picture of that kind would increase the likelihood of a reblog from me (as well as others who might reblog). (Text only entries look pretty bad in a blog with Mixfolio.) I *DO* have a writers’ blog now, also, so I might put some of your work there. (Still Another Writers Blog)

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  1. Inspiration is what creates us. I prefer to be inspired and seduced by a waltz rather than handed a black and white book of answers. I say write from the heart and do not worry about a comment because in truth, I feel we write for ourselves and hope that it creates some sort of planet for another soul to tread across. Write for and from you. 😌

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  2. I think you should do what feels ‘write’ for you. (sorry I couldn’t help myself)

    Some people will get what you write and others won’t. That’s OK. The people who adore Emily Dickinson don’t always like Frank O’hara.

    I think writing is a way of communicating with ourselves and sometimes people overhear and understand.

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    1. i totally agree – it was that way for the longest time with me – but now i am starting to think more about the reader – if i send stuff out to be published, how much do i give the reader and how much do i expect them to give in return? – all writing starts with the writer but as i climb this arc, i wonder if its about me confessing my sins in public or is it a kind of benign manipulation of the reader – does it stop being about me and start being about the reader – i must think on this further

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  3. chyfrin, you wrote “my work…[is]… a jumping off point
    where they use parts of themselves to complete the work.” I agree with that intention and ambition. To me that’s one of the important places where poetry begins…that “jumping off point” where insight and discovery combine and create poetry. The words and lines of a poem are not poetry in themselves; they are the point where poetry begins. As James Hillman might say, poetry is an “invisible.” 🙂

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