Cahya-Zhi ~ The Temple of the Analakeeha Anomaly

She is in some kind of tunnel
Passage way
or something

The passage changes
seems dimmer now
She quickens the electric torches
and shadows dance the walls
She tries to ignore
the scurrying shadows down the cross passages
Something to the right is calling her name
in a deep booming voice

Rivulets of ooze trickle down the leathery walls
There are patches that rhythmically bulge and contract
like the abdomen of a breathing leviathan
She comes to a choice between a left branch and a right
The top of a stair twisting down into the gloom
There is a wall to the right
and nothing as far as the torches can pierce to the left
At the bottom there’s a dimly-lit room
The room is filled with thousands of statuettes
Some human
Others alien creatures
And there in the very center
A bigger-than- life statue of herself
With some kind of octopus creature wrapped around her legs

She laughs a dry and dusty laugh
devoid of any real humor
Not a pretty sound
There is a motion and to the left a heinous
Two-faced figurine turns to regard her
Every hair on the back of her neck stands erect as she screams

A shattering crash comes from across the chamber
She runs on instinct
An eternity later she bursts into an egg shaped chamber
The walls rough
glistening white stone coiling up into a ceiling
That is a vast bluish lens
The chamber hums with sizzling energies
From the focused beam coming through the lens

It’s in the passageway outside the chamber
She steps into the chamber to get away from the door

The hideous heads come through the door
The shoulders and bulk of the beast are too big
for it to fit through the entrance
It’s writhing and squirming
enlarging the opening
Several of the legs have worked through the door
and the heads are whipping around
One of the spines on the heads slices through the beam
and is vaporized
She backs away
It will come
She will wait
Standing with her back
inches from the sizzle of the focused beam
The light in the room is shifting
becoming more intense
Somewhere up there dawn must be breaking

It’s in the chamber
First one then the other head regard her
or perhaps the beam behind her
“Come on baby”
It rears up
She step backs
It hesitates
She feels the beam on her back
“Come on ”
It leaps and they fall back into a world of exploding light
where nothing hurts any more

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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