there once was a man standing perfectly still

there once was a man
who had mastered the refined art
of standing perfectly still

and while most people think this is no big trick
they have never tried it

now once a long time ago
in 2009 he was doing just that
standing perfectly still
because he had been in love
but that love have found another place to dwell
had left him for reasons he could not understand

he was standing outside a restaurant
in a pocket universe which had been modeled on
the Cypriot hills over looking the Mediterranean
and the sun was setting . . .

and there was the most amazing sound
it was the sound of one tear dropping

now you might think this a whisper in a hurricane
or a rustle of one leaf in a forest
but he knew it was the sound
of one heart breaking
and he knew every bit of that feeling
for he was feeling it himself

so he reached into his pocket
and he pulled out an apricot
(what you were expecting and apple?)
and he started to hum to himself
it was a deep tonal hum
because he had a deep voice
given to him by the Lady of the Sea
and he had the power to transfoce the sound
because he had two hearts
One given to him as a gift from the Sky
(no Dr. Who reference here)

and though it was very painful to him
he took the extra heart out of his chest
by reaching down through his own throat
and he lifted the still beating heart
and offered it to who ever it was that was crying
but he couldn’t see her
she was invisible

so he sang deeper
and stronger
and it was the kind of vibration thing
you sometimes get with deep waters
where everything is shaking
or quivering

he used a trick taught to him by the Dolphin
and while standing perfectly still
he looked at the echoes
of his own song

and there she was
(just in the nick of time too
the heart in his hand would not last much longer)
she was not so much a person
as a shadow of a woman
and he saw not so much what she looked like
but saw where she should have been
and this made the heart in his hands
reach out for the woman
reach to the place where he knew she must be

and in that moment
in that instant outside of normal time
in a pocket universe which had been modeled on
the Cypriot hills over looking the Mediterranean
where the sun was setting . . .

his finger tips brushed her hair
and the whole of the world stopped
and stood perfectly still
at the point where his finger tips
touched her hair
and with tears stolen from the deepest ocean
and with a song wider than the sky
he kneeled
and offered his still beating heart to this fine woman

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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