The cyan/silver dragon & the golden/red fire angel

The cyan/silver dragon turns
His electric blue eyes
lock with the bright burning crimson eyes
of the golden-red fire angel
thus stand angel and dragon
Guardians of the Door

he says
‘And so fair angel
what has happened to your wings?’

‘They got stuck in the gates
whilst I was trying to escape the forbidden gardens of desire’

that has got to hurt
Not unlike the time I got my tail caught
in a lover’s revolving door’

Nodding agreement the fire angel remains silent
swimming deep currents of memory in her thoughts

He stamps his foot and to no one in particular
‘The Service in this place leaves a lot to be desired
Can’t a dragon get a drink in this dump?’

Again the fire angel turns towards him, eyes lowered
and hands him a silver mug with potent red wine
He looks confused
but takes the proffered cup with appropriate reverence
and mumbles something in dragon
that is loosely translated as
‘You are One So Rare
most hallowed and revered
when did you start tending bar?’

But out loud he says
‘Thank you m’Lady
and may the day of your healing be hastened’
then he breaths fire into the wine
The vapors spill over
Cause a fog to rise around all the patrons of the place

He drinks deep
as only dragons may drink

The fire angel remains silent
Keeps looking at her own naked feet
Slowly she lifts her eyes
barely audible she whispers
‘Oh precious dragon
you shall be healed first
your suffering will be soon forgotten
Maybe then the pain inside will calm…’

He turns
looks out the door
looks at the table
flicks out a diamond claw
carves a heart on the table
takes another drink
‘i am born to suffer
it is what i seem to do best
and while it may seem
such endeavors might be an interesting hobby
it has its limitations’

‘This creviced hide
may crack and drip fiery tears of life parna
it serves me well enough
and if i had never loved
would i have been injured?’

proclaims the fire angel
Whispering softly and lifting her fiery look
she whispers
‘But you would be so much poorer in experience
and colder at heart.’

She lifts a crimson flute of brandy
‘Yet, angels are not destined to be loved or to love.
That’s how i lost my wings
I am to suffer my awful doings for the remainder of my life’

The dragon pulls back his lips
Could be a smile
(there is considerable research that indicates
he does this when he is smiling
but with all those teeth
it kinda hard to tell)
He looks at her
and you can tell his eye is peeling her layer by layer
He is seeing her more naked than naked
He says
‘You were engineered to love
and you were engineered to fail
because no one can beat love
so all are beaten by it
You were told not to love
as a way of making sure you would try
Love – the most tempting fruit, even for angels’

He scratches several hundred schema on the table top
Pauses, apparently satisfied
Drains his mug

‘Love was programmed into your eyes
that you might see the One
and your nose was made to sniff him out
but in truth
it is your programming that has betrayed you’

‘Then how can the programming be fixed
If none understand programming in an ancient code?’

He winks
an all together irritating gesture
and says
‘The program is the program
and you were born to bleed
the program can not be fixed
only run
and endured’

She says
‘Leave it to a dragon the be a smart ass’

He says
‘When you have spent your last moment
you may then say all sorts of things
about how evil you are
But i know
and maybe some part of you knows as well
that you have given the best you have
and that you are all the better for doing it’

‘You know things no angel can ever know
You know that you can love
and while it may really suck
it is still something you wanted to know…’

The fire angels remains silent
Her eyes shine and lighten the path in front of her feet…
‘What if i never wanted to know anything about love
pain and the agony that life can hold for a simple fire angel?
Why is it that still i have to go through it again?’

‘Who was it that fell in love?
Some part of you knew that you wanted to be loved
knew you would have to offer love
and knew that all love ends in tragedy
But this wisdom
comes only to those who allow themselves to be hurt
allow themselves to be sacrificed
and if you think
you have been sacrificed by anyone other than yourself
then it would seem you are looking for someone to blame’

‘I should rejoice?’

‘While there is no glory in pain
there is glory in doing the right thing
you sacrificed your heart to protect and love another
this is the highest form of glory
take the pain
as women have done
since the first child was born
but understand
that someday
your sacrifice may help the one you still hold dear
and even if it does not
at least you will know
you have the courage to love
without expecting payment for services rendered’

She stands
walks away
She won’t let the dragon see the hot tears streming down her cheeks
‘I never meant to cause anyone harm
yet all harm seems to be searching for me
getting worse every mere second passing
When will this suffering have an end?’

The dragon slides around her
blocking her exit
(those guys are so fast)
he does not touch her
because it is not allowed
he says
‘if you think that a good life
keeps you from suffering
there is no cause and effect
between being good
and being treated good
there is only one question we all face
when we are done with this game
the question is,
Did i love?
Did i do right by that love?
Did I have the courage
to love when I had the chance?
We can deny love and send a very long time
not suffering pain
but we suffer dread and doubt instead’

He steps aside to let her choose
to let her fall or fly
to let her hurt then heal
or hurt to death
because it is her choice
but he wonders
why she can’t see
that she has done what others only dream of doing
She has proven her goodness
and not her evil
he can not change her mind
only remind her of the truth
until she gets it
or she quits

She says
‘I feel empty, yet full with pain
and full with agony that needs to go
and find a way out
before i implode and injure those around me.’

He says
‘implode if you must
but this too is part of the program’
then he leers
and says
‘By the way
would you know where a dragon
could get a good Cuban cigar?
Really have a hankering for one of those things ‘

Her hand slides under her burning corset
and comes out with an already lit cigar for him
‘This is what you were desiring?
Take it… at least it will brighten your mood and spirits for this day.’

He takes it
Her tears begin to abate

‘Hon, you know how to treat a dragon

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