The Dark Angel of Bartoc ~ L’hiannan Sidhe

Out on the far Steppes
of the world called Bartoc
Upon the pale sands painted blue by the greater moon Jaered
In the stillness of the gathering gloom of the coming night
Undulates the dark form
of the L’hiannan Sidhe

Pale mistress clad in iridescent darkness
She hovers
a man’s height above the sands
Her ever faithful dark dragon
more silken shadow than any true form
ripples across the wintering sands
It leaps to her open hand
Enwrapping and enfolding her in whisps of sable
only her long ebon hair is visible

When at last
the wind reveals her
You see the eyes are pale in the moonlight
The face is fair and the hands are lithe
The wind tugs at her Victorian garments
ungathers her dragon scarf
And in the silence of this place
her thin song courses the arid riverbed of your heart

Without knowing why
You long to yield yourself to the aching need
buried in her verses of letting go
You want to give your feet to the dance that changes things
You want to reach down into the waters of your heart
Drawing forth the waters of your soul for her to drink
That you might with your pitiful offering
slake a thirst millennia old

Suddenly she is a dark bird
A panther worthy of the lips of Shakespeare
A tsunami
darker than the void between the stars
And she is suffering
It’s all you can hear
this silent song of her suffering
The hurt inside you answers in song
As song deeper and stronger than any
that has ever swelled in your chest before
Your heart is a scarlet crimson bird
thrashing to escape your rib cage

She eclipses the insipid moon
covering the sky from skyline to skyline
As all your pain bleeds out
into the point where her hand touches your face
And just at the instant
You’d give your world so willingly
You’d surrender everything . . .

She pulls back. . .


Her shadow fades in the coming sun
Only a frozen echo of her lament
across this dry and desert place


Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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