Merlin’s Internment

Merlin is in the Dungeon
You remember
King Vortigern’s fortress in Snowdon

And being a natural wizard . . .
A wizard of Earth tones and Sky Magic . . .
those such as him need fresh aire and light
They wither without it
Need it more than . . .

But I am watching him draw
On the slime patinaed walls of this cell
And he is drawing the most amazing
Most detailed drawings . . .

Drawings of . . . animals
Is that a Rat?
And that? an Ox?
The Rabbit lays down with the Tiger?
And that . . .
What the . . .
Definitely a Dragon
And . . . and . . .
What’s he writing?
Nart-Til-lion ~ The White Dragon . . .?

Now you may wonder
How such as Merlin
Was entrapped . . .
I mean future sight
And a nasty disposition
Surely he knew their intent

But I know
I know the cause
Merlin fell hopelessly in love
oh yes
Even the mighty can fall

Lovely thing
Deeply in Love

He wanted to impress her
And he taught the deep secrets of the far places
Taught her the way the waters run
And the riverbed of the Sky
Taught her mastery of the Stars
The husbandry of men and animals
The languages hidden in the hearts of every thing

And . . .
And . . .
You know
I have to question her love . . .
I mean
After learning the magical arts
After preening and showing just the right amount of leg
After all the teasing and play
She worked his magic against him
Placing his heart under a stone
And you might say . . . well
Dirty old man
He got what he deserved . . .

But then
I must ask
Is that the wage that Love pays . . .

So I watch him
A Snake . . . a Horse . . . some sheep
He could leave this pit
whenever he chooses
But he just doesn’t seem
To have the Heart for it . . .

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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