The Creature and the Culture Question

In every part of the Uni’Verse there are creatures
Monsters of Heaven and Hell
Dragons, Angels and Demons

Some Dark
Some Light
And most in-between – Grey creatures of varying natures

Now, in this particular room
At this particular time
One of the greyest ever seen has slithered into the studio
(Should have known
These cats can smell the art
This specific species likes to devour the better pieces. . .)

And having nothing better to do I confront the beast
“Brother Toad, why are you here?”
And he hisses a bit
(You know, these critters really hate it
when I remind them that they are evident
to the likes of me)

“No really, why are you here?”

He leans back and picks his teeth
Takes a deep breath and croaks,
‘I’ve come here to consider the question of Culture
Every human society has engages in Culture
Expending Time, Energy and Resources
Every human society . . .’
(This critter sounds kinda like a cross between Rod Serling
and swamp gas with asthma)

It continues
What is the survival advantage of Culture?
Then why kill for it?
Die for it?
Why destroy this planet to preserve this culture thing?’
(He is either coughing or laughing. . .
can’t really tell)

I answer
“I do not define
Defend or delete Culture.
I can only experience it.”

‘But what is it? What is Culture?’
“Oh Brother Toad who am I to tell you?”
‘So, you fail at defining this culture thing?’
Look, you have asked a question in words
But the answer can’t be spoken in words.
Culture is beyond all words,
Beyond all Worlds.”
‘Then how can you answer if you can’t use words?’

And I smile
(Yes, my best know-it-all smile
the one that shows all my teeth
the smile I practice in the mirror most mornings)
Open my arms to indicate all the art hanging in this studio
And answer
everso elegantly
without saying a word. . .

Published by

Chyfrin the Celtic poet

Artist, Poet, Electrical/Biomedical Engineer, Actor, Playwright, Set construction, Educator, Lover of womankind and single malt scotch

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